W6D3 done

Another week done, I was a little worried since it was my first time going back to running non stop, I did it on the treadmill again and I did slow down and lower the incline. My calves were burning up a little and feeling tight. My pace was apparently 9 minutes although it was 8 minutes 30 seconds on the track. I used my old shoes again, I should have switched up to my new ones to try them out, then again my feet are sore with my old shoes, they would have felt crappy with the new shoes. Maybe with the pegasus shoes they wouldn’t have been sore, just my calves. I really wish I could go outside to figure out how far I really am running, I don’t think I run faster on the track vs the treadmill but maybe I do because the incline on the treadmill makes me tired and slows me down.

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