W7D1 not completed, but close

Today was suppose to be a 25 minute running session. It is 11c outside today so I was really hoping that I could do it outside and really measure how far I am going. Unfortunately it is windy and my body doesn’t feel like it has the energy in it because I am sick. My hips and legs felt sore, probably because of how I lie on my side in the morning when I am sleeping, or just because I am sick. My back feels a little sore. I need to lose some weight to ease up the pressure on my back and knees, I wonder sometimes how much better I would feel as a result. I don’t think I have really lost any weight yet, but I am still eating like I normally would.

I ran on the treadmill today and to do the 25 minute run I had to pause twice so it took me 28 minutes, not bad overall. I had to slow down as I was going and eventually stop. My calves felt tired and I just felt drained. I have no idea if what I felt is due to being sick or I needed more electrolytes in me. I did slow down again and reduced the incline a little from 3 to 2. I don’t know how much the incline is tiring me out.

It felt hard to get past the first 5 minutes, and the next 5 and the next 5 minutes. I unfortunately had to give up, or at least pause. I tried my new shoes again, they felt fine this time around, not amazing but fine.

My next run is 25 minutes again, I hope I am feeling better for that one. My nose is runny right now, I don’t feel too drained overall but my legs overall feel pretty sore. sigh.

I’m going to call it done and move on to W7D2.

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