Fat Lip

Kitty some how ended up getting a fat lip, not quite sure how, he probably ran into something, I don’t think he got it eating a cactus.
I feel kind of sick, I think I put way too much cheese on my pizza. Now I know what you are thinking, there is no such thing as too much cheese but this pizza had nothing but a loid layer of cheese pooled in the middle. Oh well at least I got the TV to work again, now to figure out when Stargate is on.

I have spent a bit longer at work than usual the last couple of days, I hope Jay doesn’t mind too much, I guess he has to catch up a bit more since he in training now but oh well.
Damn CSI is very creepy, I hope the cheese doesn’t bother me too much tonight, I hope the fact that the milk expires today doesn’t make it worse.
I hope kitty feels better soon, see you all at the apple festival in Wellesley.

I need a battery

Before this place burns down, the fire alarm is chirping. I guess it is ok until it stops chirping, or there is a fire in the basement.

I learned a word in Kitty, when he meows softly looking at you means lets play. I woke up in the night and he was on me with his head backwards on me and his paws over his head. I did have a disturbing dream though, I dreamt that I was in my high school history class and my teacher accused me of being a nazi. He studied WW2 I think so I am guessing that is how my brain made that connection. I was infuriated, I couldn’t believe that I was accused of that, and me being in a section of highschool with few friends I felt really isolated. In highschool almost everybody from my grade school was in another section so my classes never had any of them in it. I felt really isolated, especially since most of the people in my section all knew each other and tended to be the richer kids and didn’t really like me, or understand me.
Anyways I remember arguing with him in my drean in class and than afterwards writing letters to everyone to get him fired. He was the reason that I got suspended in Highschool. Even after I was awake it still bugged me for about 10 minutes.


Work is fun still, I am a bit busier than I’d like to be right now but it should calm down by the end of the week. I’ve hacked a few more templates for my area’s use so yay.

This weekend is he Wellsley Apple, Wine and Cheese festival, I’m not too sure what to expect but it should be fun, hopefully I will remember to check to see if Chris and I will head there together or something. We played Atmosfear for a couple of games on Saturday, it was pretty fun. I still want to play DnD but I guess that can wait or something.

I shocked Jen and Chris by eating a salad for lunch, it was a bit gross, too much cheese too early. I wwas longing for a 6 inch sub or some apples. Golden Delicious is almost ready for picking, I think around Oct 7 or so. Mutsu is ready about 9 days after that, yum.

I’m Lazy

Yes it has been a month since I posted. My parent will be coming home soon so I have slowly been cleaning up, the other day I cleaned the bathroom. It gets cleaned up a lot faster when you pour stright ajax on the brush and start scrubbing. If I could read Portuguese, which is what the bottle is labbeled in completely, I would have learned that I should have diluted it first in water and opened some windows and such instead of closing the door so the cat couldn’t pester me and try to drink it.

Today I learned that mopping is easy and there was no need for me to pour half a bottle in the smallish bucket that I was using. I did have the foresight to open some doors and to sweep first as well as move the hallway carpet. I am a genious! That is the only explanation. One bathroom to go and a lot of paper shredding.

During my time away from my site I have been away. I spent a week with my honey at her parent’s house. It was a lot more fun this time. To put it in perspective the last time we went during winter and everyone was working so we were pretty much stuck inside, this time I drove down so we had some freedom to leave the house when we got up and no one was around. The drive on the 401 to there was absolutely boring, once you pass Kitchener there doesn’t seem to be another town that borders the highway and all there is is trees and farms for 4 hours. It looked like Woodstock was going to break that up except they have four interchanges with the highway and it is being widened there but they forgot the town, it was no where in sight. Some truck stuff was outside of London but the whole of London is a bit away from the from the 401. It would have been nice to have a few more things break up the scenerey instead of the Ministry of Transportations signs saying they save lives through enforcement of the speed laws and reminding me how many poins I can lose as well as $. I especially liked the signs saying Driver Fatigue Kills, take a break without having a rest stop anywhere near by. When I was in California previously they had rest stops and vista points all over the place here there is a McDonalds every 120 KM or so.

I visited Colasanti’s which I wanted to do since the last time I visited there, it was neat. They have Lemurs there and once in a while they will make a loud horrible sound that makes it sound like one is killing the other. A 5 year old was standing infront of them when it let out the howl, she started to cry immediately, it was great. I took a picture of a deer pooing, it was great. Apprently at the same time a duck and a goat were doing a face off on the fence and it was apparently great. At least that’s what it seems like when My hun and her brother were asking if I got that shot, I said sure did thinking they meant the deer poo.

I went to real fair, well at least more real than the mall midway that they charge admission for in Cambridge. The Harrow Fair was pretty neat, they had of course all the cheesey midway stuff but they had moo cows and a whole lot of ducks as well as show bunnies. I really liked it there.

I got to go boating a little bit more, it was drizzling a lot but it was still pretty fun, I didn’t catch anything though, Kathy was able to catch the same fish twice, he either was really dumb or hungry, I caught a tree. It was loud but it’s bark was worse than it’s bite.

Well that is my I’m alive thread, I know it isn’t really interesting, bah. Some day it will be.