Should have invested in a bed

I lay in it often enough and when I get home I don’t feel like getting out of it. I think I left my debit card at Williams last Thursday and I haven’t needed it since, yay. I still put a bunch on my Visa but a lot of it is food so I guess I can’t complain too much, it is mostly basic types of food, eating slightly better than canned cat food.
I need to put more into my RRSP. I took some pics of Kitty, I think he enjoyed our session, hopefully they turned out OK.
I should have shaved better today, my neck is so scratchy and red.
Gingie the dumb Guinea Pig got a super special bottle, 9$, glass, lots of support, double ball bearing, the lil fucker better not break this one. I did get him sick of carrots by putting in a bunch of a whole carrot.
Cambridge apprently was hit hard by freezing rain last night, on the way here there were parts of the 401 that were dry, there were also parts covered by drifting snow making me drive in the middle of the road when I couldn’t locate my lane but here it was just ice, and scary ice, especially when the giant van decided he needed to go.

Juno is a pretty good movie, should be hitting DVD in the middle of June, it is worth watching, not everybody will be buying it though, bit more of a chick flick.

boring boring me.

I feel dumb

I was price shopping online and Big Brother was on the tv in the background. I can’t believe people watch that show, from what I have seen it is so stupid and pointless. I guess the airheads who are on the show are the same type of people who watch it.

Now to figure out how important VR/anti shake and auto focus is on a macro lens. I hope not too importantand that longer zoom ones are compatible with the lack of inbody focus motor. Oh well I guess I’ll see. Hmmm maybe the macro focus is important, gingie is dumb and doesn’t sit still.

Damn American Idol never seems to end, so stupid, hmmmf

Kitty was sleeping on the kitchen table the other day, what a bad kitty!

Kitty is a suck

My brother isn’t around so the first time in weeks he has actually climbed on top of my bed and curled up to sleep next to my legs. Right now he has his head almost completely upside down, I wish my camera was handy.

My iPhoto experiment is a failure, as I suspected from importing the pictures, there is too much lag for me to have my library wirelessly on another computer.

I was hoping it would work since my computer is 7 years old and was bottom of the line at the time as well. I don’t want to get a new computer because I don’t want to spend 1600+ on it before tx, ugh. The macbooks also have a glossy screen (like what most laptops have) so everything would be shining off of it. I was a little tired of it only after using my friends laptop for a bit. At first it makes it looks shiny and clean but in reality it is annoying. The Macbook pros have nicer antiglare screens but are also 800 more, although I would get another gig of ram, more hdd, more battery life and a 15″ screen instead of 13″

When I was coming home I was originally planning on taking some picutres but I am too sleepy to really go outside and do any of that. It also didn’t help that the light was fading already, oh well.

Right now I want to go get my camera but I don’t want to disturb the cat, it makes me wonder if I really am in control, oh well. Haha he keeps jumping at every sound and with it he kind of looks in that direction with his eyes as closed as possible.

On the weekend Kathy and I had an extended shopping trip where we looked at everything from washing machines to vacuums, it was actually pretty nice since we really just talked about our dreams for the future and our love for cheese. Our first lame date was walking around a mall too : p

We still have quite a ways off until we have to buy any of that stuff. I still don’t get how at ease Chris can feel with the amount of debt he will be getting. I am nervous myself with just my car payments and I should be able to afford it. It is also nerve wracking just to think that house prices just keep rising, makes it hard for us to catch up, I guess I’ll see how things go.

Weekend will have the fringe festival at WLU, should be fun. I should have bought the tickets already but Kitty purrs me.

Zombie eat

Last night I left London with Kathy probably about to pass out from her drug high. It has been a while since I drove down that highway at night, it is a sad road full of tears. Fog too. I really hate not being able to cuddle with Kathy everynight. The last few nights I was actually sleeping on the floor since she had her wisdom teeth pulled out and I didn’t want to headbut her during the night or superman her or something.

Last nighht even though I was in a semi comfy bed I still ended up tossing and turning most of the night. I was surprised when the alarm did go off, it felt like I was awake the entire night but it also felt like I just went to sleep. Evidently I did fall a sleep during the night inbetween the waking up and rolling over in bed again and again. I was informed that Kitty missed me so much he decided to run very noisily around the house at night up the stairs and than immediately down the stairs. I guess it is his way of making sure there aren’t any other cats hiding in the house.

All day I felt like a zombie but not the normal brain eating one, or the kind that emits power cosmic from his mouth. My brain didn’t want to do much of anything today, I just went through the motions waiting until I could go to sleep again. By my calculations chocolate milk would have fixed me up alright but I didn’t want to get any, chocolate milk is expensive and getting wisdom teeth has an even heftier tab, have to save the pennies. Part of it to was just out of laziness, I didn’t get any water to drink despite it being free and having an empty 4L resevoir on my desk to fill.

This weekend in London I did discover the long lost liquidation world, it was a serious dump. On the way from it (I think) there was a beer store with a drive thru. I can’t for the life of me remmeber where I ssaw it. Maybe I had a very vivid dream.

Even with all the yuckiness and weird feelingness can still be glad that it won’t be much longer until Friday.

Oh well time is up
I shaved myself with a blade
Rusty razor blade smooth.


Katty had her grad ceremony on Saturday, it went pretty well, unfortunately most of the pics I took did not turn out at all : /

Kitty saw a baby bird in the grass and when he was looking at it the bird’s parents dive bombed him until he was inside.

I right now just feel like a lump and don’t want to move, I am actually dreading going to work tomorrow, I want to do more nothingness but hate that I am not using the time effectively, I can do so many things now that I have the time but don’t feel like doing anything at all.


Liquidation World had a whole bunch of extra star wars figures, not the regular action figures but it looked like they belong to some other sets or something. There were so many of them that they didn’t even bother cutting the plastic tray that they were in and they were being sold just as a figure in a platic tray, no cardboard, no picture, nothing. I guess they realized the episode one stuff just wasn’t going to sell and they made a few too many figures.

Did end up getting a juicer though just a day after my parents bought a smoothie maker/mixer thing thinking it was a juicer. An apple, orange, pear and half a lemon make a lot of juice and looks pretty gross as the three liquids settle at different heights, one of them was brown, gih.

I planted the other two sunflowers since they were outgrowing their cups, most of the other ones that were planted straight in the garden don’t seem to be doing well, ie they aren’t really growing. The butterfly mix seems to be doing well, hopefully a bunch of bugs will be coming.

I have narrowed down my cell phone choices, the two entry level ones with camera phones cost money to take the pictures off the phone as the bluetooth functionality they have is limited to working with ear pieces. So I can go for the cheap 50 phone or spend 100 more for the fastap one for easier text messaging, at least it is narrowed down. I might as well use the phone I have for a lot longer.

The cat is off chasing a fly around the living room and having a lot of fun doing so running back and forth and swiping into the air. Sometimes furiously attacking the windows while he does it.

I picked up Blazing Lasers on the Wii virtual console made for Turbo Grafix 16. That game is pretty fun, it is I guess a basic fighter in space shooter where you just endlessly pick up powerups. You pretty much pick up a new powerup of some sort every 5-8 seconds, most of them I have no idea what they do, great game though. Next time I buy points online though I will be putting in Alberta as the province to see if I pay less taxes or just buy it from work. I got a Best Buy gift card for my birthday, I could use it but I get a discount at work. I have no idea how to most effectively use the card since most of the things I want/need I can get at Zellers. I still haven’t shaved my head, I should, oh well time for nada much.

So hot

I feel like I am stuck in my skin and I just want to crawl out. I should shave now but I don’t want to bother, it seems to take me too long to do it.
Kitty got to spend a few hours outside and pretty much the entire time he was just meowing to be let back in but no one paid any attention to him. Now he is standing at the screen door to be let out.

I have been to talking to a few people at work and am I ever glad I seem to be in a good area, they just tell the most horrific stories that just seems so rude and ignorant to others. I’m not expalining it well but I am tired.

I hope I can go out on the weekend as much as I want to, I’m just worried the heat won’t play well with me and make me sick. It is hard to findshade in some of the areas. oh well.

The birds won’t shutup

I woke up at about 4 in the morning and there seemed to be the sounds of hundreds of birds tweeting outside of my window and they just wouldn’t shut up. I fell a sleep a little bit very lightly but kept waking up again due to my crappy mattress and their constant, piercing noise. I did not have fun with that.
I finally came to the conclusion that my mattress is broken, in the centre when I was looking at it from the door is obviouslysunken in the middle, I reflipped it so I’ll see if that helps any but I think it is done for. It should last me another year I guess since there are no springs poking me, it just puts some of my joints in pain when I wake up.

I planted a few sunflowers around the house, I’ll see how they grow, next up is cat grass, I hope that works too, Kitty will be so happy unlike this morning when I found him trapped in the garage overnight. Apparently my parents were closing the garage when he dashed out the open door unafraid of the garage door noises but it was raining so he didn’t go outside but instead went under the car. With that my parents went to bed, the cat probably wanted back in 20 minutes after that, poor, stupid, stubborn thing. When he came he kept on meowing very loud, he finally went quiet when I walked him to his food dish, I guess he waanted to make sure he had food.

Oh yeah there was a piece of the vaccuum near his water dish. When fresh water was put in he took a lick of the water and than looked at the vaccuum piece and than took another lick and than stopped to make sure the vaccuum wasn’t going to come alive and eat him. I talked about the cat a lot wow.

I hope that bird doesn’t keep up with the noise for long, I am so sleepy.

It’s a kind of Magic

Hopefully tomorrow or so I can go on a mad planting spree and see if I can get some sunflowers up, I’d love it. I’m not sure if I took a picture of it but there were some sunflowers as tall as the barn at the Harrow Fall Fair, that reminds me I saw a collapsed barn on my way to work by Steeles, it didn’t look exactly empty but it didn’t have animals in it.

My god they do say fried chicken in Queen’s One Vision song. I thought it was just something they did for the show, heh.

J hasn’t been feeling well lately so I have been driving myself to work, it is pretty damn boring without him. I took to looking ahead at the cracks in the road and wonder if my car can fit between the cracks or not. I scream excitement huh. I’ve been looking at the city golf lately, I didn’t realize they make cars that cheap, in the paper it was advertised at something like 200 or 250 a month for 66 bloody months. Crikey. My car is running fine, just needs an oil change, it is getting warm in it though. I found the other day have the vent on instead of AC was actually a cooler option.

Kitty finally figured out how to open the sliding door’s screen door. It never usually fully closes and today he figured out how to get it open, I think he was having more difficulty with it because it has more friction and resistence. On the brightside all I had to do to get him back in the house was stand in the yard and point towards the door I came out of. I think it helped thatit was raining. It’s been weird he use to always run into the neighbours garden, now when he gets out he chews on some garlics close to the house or runs to the garden to smell. At least he isn’t staying out like he was when he was able to escape.

I should have bought the black christmas tree when I got the chance, I could have had an all emo christmas while listening to Arcade Fire or My Chemical Romance while decorating the tree with my tears. les sigh.