Kitty is a suck

My brother isn’t around so the first time in weeks he has actually climbed on top of my bed and curled up to sleep next to my legs. Right now he has his head almost completely upside down, I wish my camera was handy.

My iPhoto experiment is a failure, as I suspected from importing the pictures, there is too much lag for me to have my library wirelessly on another computer.

I was hoping it would work since my computer is 7 years old and was bottom of the line at the time as well. I don’t want to get a new computer because I don’t want to spend 1600+ on it before tx, ugh. The macbooks also have a glossy screen (like what most laptops have) so everything would be shining off of it. I was a little tired of it only after using my friends laptop for a bit. At first it makes it looks shiny and clean but in reality it is annoying. The Macbook pros have nicer antiglare screens but are also 800 more, although I would get another gig of ram, more hdd, more battery life and a 15″ screen instead of 13″

When I was coming home I was originally planning on taking some picutres but I am too sleepy to really go outside and do any of that. It also didn’t help that the light was fading already, oh well.

Right now I want to go get my camera but I don’t want to disturb the cat, it makes me wonder if I really am in control, oh well. Haha he keeps jumping at every sound and with it he kind of looks in that direction with his eyes as closed as possible.

On the weekend Kathy and I had an extended shopping trip where we looked at everything from washing machines to vacuums, it was actually pretty nice since we really just talked about our dreams for the future and our love for cheese. Our first lame date was walking around a mall too : p

We still have quite a ways off until we have to buy any of that stuff. I still don’t get how at ease Chris can feel with the amount of debt he will be getting. I am nervous myself with just my car payments and I should be able to afford it. It is also nerve wracking just to think that house prices just keep rising, makes it hard for us to catch up, I guess I’ll see how things go.

Weekend will have the fringe festival at WLU, should be fun. I should have bought the tickets already but Kitty purrs me.

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