Should have invested in a bed

I lay in it often enough and when I get home I don’t feel like getting out of it. I think I left my debit card at Williams last Thursday and I haven’t needed it since, yay. I still put a bunch on my Visa but a lot of it is food so I guess I can’t complain too much, it is mostly basic types of food, eating slightly better than canned cat food.
I need to put more into my RRSP. I took some pics of Kitty, I think he enjoyed our session, hopefully they turned out OK.
I should have shaved better today, my neck is so scratchy and red.
Gingie the dumb Guinea Pig got a super special bottle, 9$, glass, lots of support, double ball bearing, the lil fucker better not break this one. I did get him sick of carrots by putting in a bunch of a whole carrot.
Cambridge apprently was hit hard by freezing rain last night, on the way here there were parts of the 401 that were dry, there were also parts covered by drifting snow making me drive in the middle of the road when I couldn’t locate my lane but here it was just ice, and scary ice, especially when the giant van decided he needed to go.

Juno is a pretty good movie, should be hitting DVD in the middle of June, it is worth watching, not everybody will be buying it though, bit more of a chick flick.

boring boring me.

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