The birds won’t shutup

I woke up at about 4 in the morning and there seemed to be the sounds of hundreds of birds tweeting outside of my window and they just wouldn’t shut up. I fell a sleep a little bit very lightly but kept waking up again due to my crappy mattress and their constant, piercing noise. I did not have fun with that.
I finally came to the conclusion that my mattress is broken, in the centre when I was looking at it from the door is obviouslysunken in the middle, I reflipped it so I’ll see if that helps any but I think it is done for. It should last me another year I guess since there are no springs poking me, it just puts some of my joints in pain when I wake up.

I planted a few sunflowers around the house, I’ll see how they grow, next up is cat grass, I hope that works too, Kitty will be so happy unlike this morning when I found him trapped in the garage overnight. Apparently my parents were closing the garage when he dashed out the open door unafraid of the garage door noises but it was raining so he didn’t go outside but instead went under the car. With that my parents went to bed, the cat probably wanted back in 20 minutes after that, poor, stupid, stubborn thing. When he came he kept on meowing very loud, he finally went quiet when I walked him to his food dish, I guess he waanted to make sure he had food.

Oh yeah there was a piece of the vaccuum near his water dish. When fresh water was put in he took a lick of the water and than looked at the vaccuum piece and than took another lick and than stopped to make sure the vaccuum wasn’t going to come alive and eat him. I talked about the cat a lot wow.

I hope that bird doesn’t keep up with the noise for long, I am so sleepy.

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