It’s a kind of Magic

Hopefully tomorrow or so I can go on a mad planting spree and see if I can get some sunflowers up, I’d love it. I’m not sure if I took a picture of it but there were some sunflowers as tall as the barn at the Harrow Fall Fair, that reminds me I saw a collapsed barn on my way to work by Steeles, it didn’t look exactly empty but it didn’t have animals in it.

My god they do say fried chicken in Queen’s One Vision song. I thought it was just something they did for the show, heh.

J hasn’t been feeling well lately so I have been driving myself to work, it is pretty damn boring without him. I took to looking ahead at the cracks in the road and wonder if my car can fit between the cracks or not. I scream excitement huh. I’ve been looking at the city golf lately, I didn’t realize they make cars that cheap, in the paper it was advertised at something like 200 or 250 a month for 66 bloody months. Crikey. My car is running fine, just needs an oil change, it is getting warm in it though. I found the other day have the vent on instead of AC was actually a cooler option.

Kitty finally figured out how to open the sliding door’s screen door. It never usually fully closes and today he figured out how to get it open, I think he was having more difficulty with it because it has more friction and resistence. On the brightside all I had to do to get him back in the house was stand in the yard and point towards the door I came out of. I think it helped thatit was raining. It’s been weird he use to always run into the neighbours garden, now when he gets out he chews on some garlics close to the house or runs to the garden to smell. At least he isn’t staying out like he was when he was able to escape.

I should have bought the black christmas tree when I got the chance, I could have had an all emo christmas while listening to Arcade Fire or My Chemical Romance while decorating the tree with my tears. les sigh.

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