getting back into a routine

I went for a run again, did 4k and about 1k walking, 2 days ago it was about 4.5k running and .5k walking.  I only started to feel the burn in my thighs the next morning and than much more so today.  I was still stretching it out before I went out.  On the bright side it wasn’t windy, the other day it was very windy and it felt like it was instantly drying out my throat and giving me asthma, this time it went a lot better.  Still on the dry side since I forgot to put a scarf on to keep some moisture in when I go to breathe in.


I feel like going camping, it’s a bit early to worry about that but being around nothing and just relaxing seems like it would be good.

Its been a little over 5 weeks

fooook. I was sick for a couple of weeks and than lazy for a couple more. The cold air in my lungs I fear is making it feel liquidy. I hope I don’t get sick from it. On the bright side my legs felt fine and my lung capacity hasn’t seemed to diminish too much.
On my run I saw a squirrel on the sidewalk that look like it was electrocuted and fell from the pole.