I figured out what some of the smells are

The weird lemon smell I was smelling I think was fresh hanger toilet bowl things that you hang on the side of the bowl, each one in the house got one so that explains the all over smell. This morning I raced to the bathroom, it was pp dance time.

Here are some pictures from what I did the last couple of days http://heavenlyevil.com/gallery/v/Visit2k6/
feel free to comment if I allowed that.

I’m so pimpin it hurts. Fr!nge festival is happening this weekend, Kathy already got tickets so I guess I will be her hot date. I wonder how much I should put out, I guess it all depends if she gets me poutine or not. I cleaned up Buickpimp up a bit. I ate a lot of shrimp today, I think I am going to be very sick tomorrow, come to think of it that was my dinner, I didn’t eat anything else. I am going to be very sick tomorrow.

My eyes are tired

The house smells very lemony fresh and it just burns my eyes. I am so tired.

Let us see. Kathy came back Thursday night with her brother and sister and we proceeded to go all around town doing stuff. Most of the stuff we did do was not very interesting, we did go walk downtown Kitchener, I know exciting. I did drive through the village of St Jacob for the first time, not much to see there. I got some pictures taken at the Wings of Paradise butterfly place, Those critters really liked landing on the red lining of my Olympic hoodie. I haven’t seen the pictures yet but I hope they turned out well, I am afraid though that most are blurry since they were taken in the hand without a flash. The train going home for them was delayed by 3 hours and 20 minutes, mostly because a freight train on the tracks in front of them broke down and I think they had to wait for other freight trains to go by and such.

Kitty was a good kitty for the visitors, and he was happy because everybody visited him in the basement. He than attacked a rubber snake and really went all out getting a laser light.

Having that day off felt really nice and good. It just felt so right laying next to Kathy with eachother in our arms waking up together. Blinking softly in the morning light kissing gently as our eyes grow more awake. It is such a great feeling, I miss it.

It has been a white since my last rejection.

I didn’t get into the program, with 25 spots available and seemingly little interest in the program. I interviewed very poorly and said I was much to casual about it. They think I did really badly, I thought I had a pretty good shot, quite the difference in opinion. I don’t anticipate that I’ll get the other position I applied for. It baffles me though when people are doing better than me with far less ability to be flexible, I guess they at least know what to expect from them, I don’t make it clear. I think Des will find out soon how truly bad of interview I can do. Fuck the Category job that I declined to interview for is posted again, I might have had a real good shot at it, for fuck sakes. I am simply at a loss of words, I have shot myself in the foot much too often. I just feel like the biggest dipshit on the planet who can’t do anything right. I hate my awkwardness.

Kitty decided to rest on my neck, with his but on my ear.

Buickpimp Magazine is coming afterall

This Month features the first online mentions of Buick pimp magazine. We have worked very hard together to get to this point people. I would like to thank all those who have donated and helped me fund the money to get the domain, thank you. In all our fundraising efforts have earned a grand total of 0 Dollars and 0 Cents. I was able to get the domain thanks to a free domain name offer. So it will be coming, now I have to make some graphics. In preperation I have google seached for Buick pimps and Buickpimp and well there has not been a lot mention. I believe out there somewhere is a Park Avenue with rims and some other Buick. Well people this isn’t your grandpa’s Buick.

I have had two job interviews last week for the same job. I was called in for one on Thursday, they gave an example of a sample question over the phone, the questions they did give in it were not really similiar or close to it. I was told at the beginning of the interview if I did well they would be haing final interviews tomorrow, that I didn’t know about but they thought I was told. Luckily my morning was clear so I could do that easily. I think I did better with the questions asked Friday but, I forgot to ask one question that I though would have been very good to ask, oh well. At least on Friday I did not use the words “Bling bling” in an answer, sadly I did do that on the Thursday interview. I was talking with some of the other people who were interviewed with me after, it seems like my answers were better and more realistic, I talked about project managment and talking with employees and breaking down tasks, they were talking about having contigency plans a head of time which is OK except that you’d be spending more time making contingency plans than making decisions as crisis approaches, well it depends but for the situations they described in the question it wouldn’t be the easiest to make a plan of action before hand. I found out that the resumes I put in for other positions did not arrive to the people doing the hiring, HR tried to say they picked up their packages too early but I don’t know about that, now I have to get that worked out on Monday. These other positions pay better quickly while the one I interviewd for would pay me significantly less than what other people in that position would get paid.

Anyways so those interviews were at downtown Toronto, both days I took the GO train into town. I must say that the GO train is very quiet, especially compared to the regular VIA trains I have used. Milton Station is pretty empty before 7 in the morning. Thursday was the day with the snow and wind, it took about an hour to get there. Transport trucks were passing me in the fast lane since nobody wanted to use the slow lane. There was a car spun around in the middle lane, traffic was a bit slower in that area due to a lot more snow there and a transport truck and a neon bumped bumpers in the fast lane. Overall it wasn’t a horrible drive, mostly because I had time on my hands. I think the RBC building is sinking and has been for quite some time since the sidewalk suddenly heavily slopes downward towards the building on all sides of it. While downtown I saw a busstop with a billboard on it asking if you could afford to keep your husband. The other side of the bus stop had a small printed poster in very large and colourful letters announcing that some lawyer could get you divorced for 500 dollars or so. It made me giggle a little. I didn’t take a picture of it in fear of offending the homeless guy who lived in the bus stop.

On the second day I stopped at the Bay downtown since I was there and wow, I know people said it was big before, I just didn’t realize how big. They had an Olympic Suede Jacket for 395 dollars, it was marked down too, It may have been 449 before. I didn’t poke into their electronics section because I had just enough time to run to the bus station to catch the bus home to Katty. The ride was pretty OK especially since there are not that many stops to be made. I got to see some very lovely signs such as “We are # 1 in the #2 business”. Milton homes are rather scary looking they are all identical looking, even the ones that are not the same they are just obviously a derivative of the original house design, they all used the same bricks too. The only difference in the houses tended to be what colour the garage and window trims were painted. Even this was scary since one was olive green than another might be forest green. It looked like originally they were not going to use house numbers to distinguish the houses but rather have everyone remember what colour their trim was because they were all just slightly different looking.

We had lunch at the mall because we are lame like that, although first I stopped by Zehrs for sushi because I am super lame like that, than we had Manchu Wok. The chicken there is quite addictive although there chicken balls did not have that extra flavour that I prefer my balls to have. We went to Liquidation world since the Cambridge was supposedly has a better selection and my god they do, they even have a bookshelf sarcoffagus.

I had to depart later to Brantford where Kathy boarded the last train to Windsor.I miss Kathy. It will be a shorter week down there for her since she is coming back Thursday, I look forward to that.

Yesterday I dragged my nephew around to other liquidation and cheap stores in the area from Guelp to Kitchener to Cambridge, in all I got some recharable AAA batteries for less than 5 bucks and Atmosfear at Giant Tiger for 15 bucks, it did cost more for Christmas. After I got it I realized I liked the game Nightmare better, of course I was young and stupid when I first played it so it may have aged very badly, much like my writing. I sound like a 14 year old girls in the entries I posted at the beginnign of the entry.

Hopefully work times passes quickly this week. Oh well I have to go off soon and feed the frog.

I’m so tired, am I awake?

I have an interview downtown tomorrow, gosh darn it I am nervous. I dislike all my dress shirts so I am going in wearing Olympic clothing. My eyes want to sleep, my body does too. I applied to a couple more positions within the company, I hope to hear some good news on them. I stupidly bought a Cash for Life Lottery ticket on Saturday before my aircut and won 6 bucks. Today I cashed it in and got another ticket as well, I won 4 bucks. The cost of the ticket was 4 bucks. I cashed that in and got another ticket, I won 4 bucks. I cashed that in and I won $50,000. I scratched the top row, than the second row and I believe that 2 $50000 were showing and than I scratched the bottom row. I almost shit my pants. Than I noticed I miscounted and the first one I thoought said 50,000 actually said 25,000 so I did not win a thing.

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Anyways my arm feels weird. I carried out a slot machine from work for a friend and my arm feels like there is a phantom weight on it. You know how if you stand in a doorway and keep pressing up when you walk out your arms go up, same kind of feeling. I did get to realize that my arms have become very noodley, I use to carry around TVs all the time before, I am sure I’d struggle greatly if I tried.

Kitty like sleeping in my laptop case, he is such a sweet kitty. I didn’t get to see Kathy today, with all her class plus studying and such, I probably won’t get to see her tomorrow either since I should be preparing for an interview, well I guess I should be preparing today as well. It is for the management trainee program. I’ll see how it goes, It is downtown though so that will suck to get there.

So I think I mentioned that I got a project to do for someone who I will be having a different interview with. Someone else was asking about me and he seemed pretty uninterested about me and mmore so in someone else, I’m not sure if it is due to the lack of experience in his area since his people are n00bies or if he overheard me making fun of him. Well we will see. I also applied to some positions outside of the area.

I feel full still, the food I ate on the weekend is still filling my stomache, unless that is the gas from the beans I have been eating. I couldn’t get a good night sleep again yesterday, I tossed and tunred a few times. A couple of those times I think I squashed the cat. On the plus side he is using his litter box again. He is pretty suspicious of it since his litter was replaced with crystals, he smells everything before going. It was funny just watching him step into the box, He’d prod the crystals first and than attack it when he thought it moved or that something was living under it. He did that too with the regular litter when it got changed he would just start scratching away at it digging a hole.

Night Night Kitty Cat

Since I can’t find my fuck valentine’s day picture

I am in need of tuna

I have a very sweet and thoughtful Kathy in my life. She does so many little things without me even realizing it, like putting the end cover on my laptop cord to keep it safe. All I can offer in return is stating that her eyes are as dark as frying pans. Kathy is going to see her parents soon since it will be reading week soon for her. It will be a week without her,

I need tuna

My parents have booked tickets, they’ll be gone for 4 months. One time they were gone for over a month and they left me some tuna so I wouldn’t starve.

I love thee Kathy, with hair like silk,
Lips like cherries, skin like milk,
Your shell-like ears, your dainty hands,
And eyes so brown, like frying pans
And when you in my arms are in,
My love how can you doubt?
I quiver just like geletin,
And sometimes even break out.

You’re a perfect peach, my love,
Together we’re a pear (pair),
You’re sweet, you’re nice, you’re paradise,
And all kinna stuff like that there.

I eat so much

My god, yesterday I had poutine and nachoes with beans, it was sooo good but so filling. Jason beat Kathy and I at the Wterloo Kelsey’s we missed the bus. I did update my cover letter using Ray’s formula and workopolis’s suggestion. I don’t like my version so much, it just doesn’t seem to have that much information. During the afternoon instead of doing resume stuff we went to Waterloo Park and than to Michael’s than to DQ and than back to Waterloo Park. The bunnies that were babies this year were out and were rather energetic. There was a sheep out, as soon as I started bahing at it the other sheep came out and the dears came to investigate. The pregnant goat is still large and a lil waddly. The turkeys don’t like the cold at all, they were kind of humped over on top of the fence, I felt pretty bad for them, they did not look hapy at all.

Dairy Queen sells popcorn shrimp. I was actually a little tempted to try it but when I mentioned its existence to Chris he looed rather disgusted.

Kathy is going home soon for reading week. She will come back wih her brother and sister for a few days of fun. Apparent;y the train station in Kitchener also has trains leaving to Montreal and such, I never knew. I love fresh sushi.