Albino possums terrorize me

Sunday night when driving Kathy home I thought at first I was seeing either a really weird looking dog or some sort of giant albino vermin but instead it was an albino possum. is an example of such a creature but this one was not a baby, still very weird looking.

Today kitty saw a chipmunk feasting on some seeds I left out side the sliding door and the cat was ready to attack. The chipmunk either knew the cat couldn’t get him through the glass or didn’t notice but Kitty wanted to go outside and hunt this fierce predator. I grabbed Kitty into my arms and let him out the door in the kitchen. The chipmunk stopped oving when he heard the door open so Kitty didn’t see him because of the lack of movement. When he was about to dart to the fence n the corner of his eye the chipmunk tok off. The cat than walked to where the seeds were and rolled in them, heh.

Oh kitty, how I love you. Yesterday he got in trouble. He decided to jump on the shelves supporting the booze and than sniffed the ceiling and stretched his paw out to a nearby clock to either see if it could support his weight and jump on it or to just knock it down, he got yelled at promptly.

Work has become annoying lately, just a lot of buggering and knit picking over stupid things that some are too dumb to know the answer to or are just confused, bah. I think the person replacing me is complaining some more. I am just trying to get everything done perfectly with minimal work transferred to them so they can’t make a stink and say I left the stuff in ruins.

Getting to work was fun with a giant pickup going into my lane in front of me and than slowing down immediately because they are about to miss their exit, scarier still was seeing the big white pickup behind me dive into the lane tey just vacated because they were following too closely. People need some sort of license to drive a car.

I have gone to a few more stores looking at cameras and I am at a greater loss over which camera I should select. A lot of reviews say that the Panasonics leave too much noise over ISO100 but than some go on to say that is true for all similiar cameras and only true digital SLRs can overcome that. I’m so confused, of course most stores only have a lil picture as evidence of what kind of picture the camera can produce. I hate how some use a special battery, for a camera i need spares, a lot of people spend too much time reviewing pictures.

Kathy and I are still planning a vacation together in May or June to her parents’ place, we may stay for a night in London at Western since they use their dorms as a hotel for the summer. We wanted to look at the school a bit, this will let us be nice and close. While looking for touristy stuff in London I found a crystal chapel there that does weddings in an hour but also has a Drive Thru wedding service. They are apparently trying to emulate Vegas chapels by their own admission. My only question is where is Elvis! I joked with Kathy that we should mention this place to her Grandma before saying we are off to London see you soon.

Skies are grey

I am pretty sleepy at the moment, and the rain has been coming down off and on this afternoon littering the window with rain drops. I did get up kind of early today, my hips were shooting pain into my legs making it uncomfortable to lay down, well at least in the positiion I was in.

Wow on TBS they are looking for another 25 zip codes to get a free ceiling for people’s decks. I guess there is a large market of people who have living space under their deck outside. Seems kind of dumb to even have that set up in the first place.

I think some Panasonic Cameras have the features I am looking for, unfortunately they are a little bit more costlier. I guess I can wait and roll around in the money I haven’t spent instead.

Tomorrow I am going to put Tiger on this computer, it has been lagging a bit. I think Tiger didn’t speed up older computers as much as Jaguar or Panther did. It was quite remarkable seeing installing upgrades actually sped up performance, I was just use to the mind set of new operating systems having more features which causes everything to slow down but with Apple the reverse happens.

Oh yes, must get goldfish.

I love fishy vaginal odour

Actually I don’t but I get that ad in my google ad thing all the time, it is a little creepy. If I didn’t talk about fish or vaginas all the time I’d be in the clear but I heart vaginas.

I have not seen the Big Bucking Chicken ad for burger king since the first day I saw it on TV and I saw it twice that day. Their website doesn’t even mention it. I guess they got angry letters or something or people realized that it would be a bit too much of a controversial ad to be worth it. You have to pick your battles carefully and well they got stockholders to please. As long as it means more of the King I am OK with it, his creepiness is neat. They should have had him riding the big bucking chicken. give it a bit more of a punch, maybe have it on Brokeback mountain with some other pudding eating cowboys to tie it in better with all the other gay signals they have tied in to their previous Burger King ads.

Ok that is a better Google ad, Fish Tank Coffe Tables. At first glance I thought it was about getting coffe stains out of your fish tank. I was going to link them but I just realized their site is just set up to make money. The idea is to link to buy ads to put on cheaper sites and than put better ads on their site so you click on their ad to make money. I.E. their site is void of content and is just a wasteland. I want a milkshake.

My fish tank is over half full, the water warmed up in it pretty quick and so far there is no signs of snails. If I bother getting clothes on I might go out and get cat food and a gold fish. The cat apprently requires food everyday.

I really suck training people on systems at work, I tend to overload them a bit with informations which isn’t really good for their first day.

Oh yes and try not to buy a Dell laptop, Kathy has just got her motherboard replaced for a third time and the computer wasn’t in working order when she got it back, she has to get a part replaced again and she just got it delivered. They sure did a thourough check of her computer.

Before about the Digital cameras I still haven’t found one that fits my criteria. Canon shoots at 4:3 ratio not 3:2 other than that they’d be perfect, Pansonic doesn’t have the shutter/aperature adjustments, most cameras actually don’t unless you go for soemthing much better/bigger/more expensive, les sigh.

My nephew just asaid his chemistry class is fun, I bet he is a meth head!

oh yeah if you want to see my gallery than hit up

Kitty is King

My parents, well my mom was baby talking to kitty, I think he dug it. Yesterday he was so excited to show me that there is water in the fish tank and than he stared at it from the tv, the sofa, and the chair he just kept watching expecting something to happen.

My new job has been delayed for two more weeks because apparently my current area is too shorthanded. I did one price change and than played in access all day, in short I didn’t do much. Tomorrow I get to mail something, wow. I don’t think my pay will get boosted either : /

It is impossible to find a camera with specs that I want.4 seemingly simple things and I can’t find them.
1 It has to be able to take pictures at a resolution that is a ratio of 2:3. That way a picture can be taken and it doesn’t have to be cropped, in other words when it is snapped I know exactly what a printed picture will look like. Especially handy when handing over your camera to someone who tries using the whole screen area.

2 Use SD memory, it is cheap and fast.

3 Have apeture and shutter speed prioirty settings. I want to learn a bit more but don’t want to go all out and get a big SLR type camera. I know most power shot Canon’s have it but they don’t have number 1.

4 Responsive flash recycle times. My current camera takes 7 seconds between shots due to waiting for the flash, it doesn’t sound like much but if the first shot missed than that is a lot of waiting, it really sucks.

Kitty just buried his head in a blanket beside me, what a weird and probably cold cat.

Here is kitty playing volleyball

Here is kitty looking all heavenly

He isn’t soft though, he is a ferocious beast.

He has that look in his eye again, he needs meat

From when he first came into my life

He is a sleepy drunk

But he is so pretty

He is also a lazy cat, he lies and sleeps on his back a lot. I have never seen my sister’s cat ever lay or sleep on her back but he does it regularly. He jumped up on a bed after the curtain was open and the sun started shining down on the bed. He immediately laid on his back with his head almost hanging off the bed looking out the window

This is Trixie. She is my sister’s cat and was born March 1, 1988, I think, it may be 87. She has less fat on her body and when you pet her (and she demands being petted, but just for a short while) it feels a lot more boney than ever. She is so cute though. She does have arthritis and slowly walks up the stairs. My sister has actually got another food bowl and moved her other litter box to the main floor to accomodate her. When she goes to lay down on her tummy now, instead of folding her legs under her or in front of her she kind of just crosses them in front of her. I love her so.

And from Hallowe’en, I can’t remember if I posted it. I didn’t bother making a full size tetsaiga so I guess I am not a huge loser yet.

My arm was cold

I spent most of the day emptying my tank and refilling it. I always seem to refill the fish tank during winter so than I have to put the rocks in and place the decorations in the coldest of conditions. My arm was very red from the cold and it just felt weird. The cat burrowed into the plant decorations while they were on the floor and picked at most of them.

Yesterday when I was about to go to sleep I made a bit of noise getting up and kitty’s head shot up from my sweater, it turns out he was inside my sweater and his head was now sticking out through the neck hole of my sweater, it was cute.

Tomorrow I think I will top up the tank and turn on the heater, maybe get a goldfish and watch the tank to make sure the snails don’t come back. The crap at the bottom of the tank was gross.

Drive Drive Drive

Gas prices are expensive again, yet despite that Kathy and I drove all around town since she was feeling a little better today. We got some good pictures of the sarcoffagus

and some other creepy

and tall guys

that you might see at some restaurant acting as fancy or eye catching chice to make it perdy or trendy or something. One was trying to sell some soap.

The sarcofagus did not contain Mum-ra but did have places for books!

They still have some pond kits there, they are kind of cheesy since they are above ground and will cause lots of mosquitos. My pot order came in from Deals Outlet, aluminum pans are fricken cold.

I started cleaning out the rocks from the fish tank and I can tell you that that is a horrible smell. I than cleaned out the filter and almost threw up in my mouth. I ended up tossing the sponge filter out the door and washing everything very quickly downstairs. The smell is lingering so I put out some plates with vinegar all around since that absorbs odour very well. Started burning some candles too. I think tomorrow I am going to try hosing down that sponge, my god it was horrible.

The General Store in Guelph still has some Jack Skellington merchandise, they seem to have some space open up recently, I never realized before that they just showcase the craftiness of people and groups, I thought they just purchased the merchandise. The Dollarama there was boring.

The pet store in the mall had one cat that was very lively. He kept trying to get the attention of the employees by the door for the showcase. He would try to get up high to look at them and when they looked his way he would meow, it was very cute and he climbed on top of everything to get noticed.

Hey look Animal Crossing Furnature!

Yesterday I finally opened up the clay that Sra thought I was really into. I hope that she didn’t think I was talented. I’m sure she could have turned the colours that I had into something pretty. Like a 5 year old I followed the guide on the back of the box and came out with this and this. I did the last one all by myself. Well I guess Jesus helped a little since he created the heaven and the earth and cigarettes and disease.

My stomache is full and I have gas : /

Kathy isn’t feeling very well, all I can do is offer hugs and hope it helps. Right now she is watching anime to try and catch up with me, Bleach specifically. Tommorrow we will get our discount on the bike we got. Kathy just finished making some Earl Grey, hope it helps, we are all out of oranges.

Went to Jack Astor’s for lunch and I had the bean chilli nachos, they are pretty darn good, yum. My food cost less than the salad. I feel so relieved. At work I guess it is tradition to go out and eat with the group when you leave, I suggested I wanted to go eat at A&W and well it is a little too low brow for everyone. I would have suggested the Zellers restauraunt but it’d take about 3 hours to get our food. I think it was decided to get chinease but I am going to check on Monday if it can be changed since it is a little far.

Kitty is as whiny and talkative as ever.

My eyes are a little sore and dry. They seem to be prone to scratchiness lately. My wrists are a little soar too.

I have trouble sleeping

At least not last night but it seems to be difficult for me to sleep a good long time. I sometimes just get up at one or two in the morning and just can’t get to sleep properly again. I am not totally sure but I guess I have something going on in the back of my mind. I worry that it may be worries, of not I am not sure. It seems to have started since I have been working at home office. It is not like my job is that difficult but I’d hate to think that keeps me awake at night. Maybe it is since Kathy is not laying next to me at night, when she does I seem to sleep better, although I do tend to get up earlier.

I found out today that apparently the one who is taking over my job is getting paid much more than I currently am, which kind of hurts me since I tried working my ass off and it didn’t seem to get me anywhere in the depatment, just got me used as a pack mule. meh

Bike Riding

Kathy and I went bike riding yesterday, just a quick stroll to return a non functioning bike pump. We failed to exchange it since the other 3 or 4 that were in stock got sold out, or were moved but we couldn’t find it. We were going to go again today but with fried chicken it made our tummies weird, so instead we updated the clublaurier forum and played Starcraft, of course Kathy cross stiched instead. on a side note very late in the day Krispy Kreame Doughnuts at Petro Canada are a little stale and not that great. Hopefully next week we will go on a bit of a longer trip. Where I live is not very scenic, it is just a lot more of older houses and the mall. I guess we could go around some of the houses and see how pretty there yards are, it seems to be a habit we have gotten into to keep in mind for our future yard. We made some yummy pizza again, but I will definitely have to continue my bike riding habit, even if all it does is get me to the mall to wander. Well I guess I could ride to a couple of other stores to get some bike supplies or something. I seemed to have gained about 10 pounds in the last couple of weeks. Maybe I should have evacuaed first, har har.

Big Bucking Chicken

Yes that is the tagline to a Burger King ad for there new chicken sandwich. They say it rather often during the commercial which features a bull rider riding a bucking chicken. The first sylable (damn I can’t think of how to spell it), they say it softly so at first listen and subsequently you can’t exactly what they are saying, are they swearing?

I’m at kathy’s right now ready to surprise her with my presence, I think she is at school still, oh well. I did need to check my car anyways. I didn’t think it was shifting gears properly, it seems OK now but it still doesn’t seem 100%.

I need to look into getting a server just to store music, pictures and various other files I never want to replace, meh.

I am not sure what Kathy and I will be doing this weekend, it will be warmer but rainy. I think I am a little under the weather so I cannot go out into the rain too much. Maybe we will go look at some bikes, they will be 20% off soon at Zellers and they start at 99.99. Might have to upgrade the seat since they don’t look the most comfortable.