My arm was cold

I spent most of the day emptying my tank and refilling it. I always seem to refill the fish tank during winter so than I have to put the rocks in and place the decorations in the coldest of conditions. My arm was very red from the cold and it just felt weird. The cat burrowed into the plant decorations while they were on the floor and picked at most of them.

Yesterday when I was about to go to sleep I made a bit of noise getting up and kitty’s head shot up from my sweater, it turns out he was inside my sweater and his head was now sticking out through the neck hole of my sweater, it was cute.

Tomorrow I think I will top up the tank and turn on the heater, maybe get a goldfish and watch the tank to make sure the snails don’t come back. The crap at the bottom of the tank was gross.

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