Kitty is King

My parents, well my mom was baby talking to kitty, I think he dug it. Yesterday he was so excited to show me that there is water in the fish tank and than he stared at it from the tv, the sofa, and the chair he just kept watching expecting something to happen.

My new job has been delayed for two more weeks because apparently my current area is too shorthanded. I did one price change and than played in access all day, in short I didn’t do much. Tomorrow I get to mail something, wow. I don’t think my pay will get boosted either : /

It is impossible to find a camera with specs that I want.4 seemingly simple things and I can’t find them.
1 It has to be able to take pictures at a resolution that is a ratio of 2:3. That way a picture can be taken and it doesn’t have to be cropped, in other words when it is snapped I know exactly what a printed picture will look like. Especially handy when handing over your camera to someone who tries using the whole screen area.

2 Use SD memory, it is cheap and fast.

3 Have apeture and shutter speed prioirty settings. I want to learn a bit more but don’t want to go all out and get a big SLR type camera. I know most power shot Canon’s have it but they don’t have number 1.

4 Responsive flash recycle times. My current camera takes 7 seconds between shots due to waiting for the flash, it doesn’t sound like much but if the first shot missed than that is a lot of waiting, it really sucks.

Kitty just buried his head in a blanket beside me, what a weird and probably cold cat.

Here is kitty playing volleyball

Here is kitty looking all heavenly

He isn’t soft though, he is a ferocious beast.

He has that look in his eye again, he needs meat

From when he first came into my life

He is a sleepy drunk

But he is so pretty

He is also a lazy cat, he lies and sleeps on his back a lot. I have never seen my sister’s cat ever lay or sleep on her back but he does it regularly. He jumped up on a bed after the curtain was open and the sun started shining down on the bed. He immediately laid on his back with his head almost hanging off the bed looking out the window

This is Trixie. She is my sister’s cat and was born March 1, 1988, I think, it may be 87. She has less fat on her body and when you pet her (and she demands being petted, but just for a short while) it feels a lot more boney than ever. She is so cute though. She does have arthritis and slowly walks up the stairs. My sister has actually got another food bowl and moved her other litter box to the main floor to accomodate her. When she goes to lay down on her tummy now, instead of folding her legs under her or in front of her she kind of just crosses them in front of her. I love her so.

And from Hallowe’en, I can’t remember if I posted it. I didn’t bother making a full size tetsaiga so I guess I am not a huge loser yet.

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