I love fishy vaginal odour

Actually I don’t but I get that ad in my google ad thing all the time, it is a little creepy. If I didn’t talk about fish or vaginas all the time I’d be in the clear but I heart vaginas.

I have not seen the Big Bucking Chicken ad for burger king since the first day I saw it on TV and I saw it twice that day. Their website doesn’t even mention it. I guess they got angry letters or something or people realized that it would be a bit too much of a controversial ad to be worth it. You have to pick your battles carefully and well they got stockholders to please. As long as it means more of the King I am OK with it, his creepiness is neat. They should have had him riding the big bucking chicken. give it a bit more of a punch, maybe have it on Brokeback mountain with some other pudding eating cowboys to tie it in better with all the other gay signals they have tied in to their previous Burger King ads.

Ok that is a better Google ad, Fish Tank Coffe Tables. At first glance I thought it was about getting coffe stains out of your fish tank. I was going to link them but I just realized their site is just set up to make money. The idea is to link to buy ads to put on cheaper sites and than put better ads on their site so you click on their ad to make money. I.E. their site is void of content and is just a wasteland. I want a milkshake.

My fish tank is over half full, the water warmed up in it pretty quick and so far there is no signs of snails. If I bother getting clothes on I might go out and get cat food and a gold fish. The cat apprently requires food everyday.

I really suck training people on systems at work, I tend to overload them a bit with informations which isn’t really good for their first day.

Oh yes and try not to buy a Dell laptop, Kathy has just got her motherboard replaced for a third time and the computer wasn’t in working order when she got it back, she has to get a part replaced again and she just got it delivered. They sure did a thourough check of her computer.

Before about the Digital cameras I still haven’t found one that fits my criteria. Canon shoots at 4:3 ratio not 3:2 other than that they’d be perfect, Pansonic doesn’t have the shutter/aperature adjustments, most cameras actually don’t unless you go for soemthing much better/bigger/more expensive, les sigh.

My nephew just asaid his chemistry class is fun, I bet he is a meth head!

oh yeah if you want to see my gallery than hit up http://heavenlyevil.com/gallery

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