Skies are grey

I am pretty sleepy at the moment, and the rain has been coming down off and on this afternoon littering the window with rain drops. I did get up kind of early today, my hips were shooting pain into my legs making it uncomfortable to lay down, well at least in the positiion I was in.

Wow on TBS they are looking for another 25 zip codes to get a free ceiling for people’s decks. I guess there is a large market of people who have living space under their deck outside. Seems kind of dumb to even have that set up in the first place.

I think some Panasonic Cameras have the features I am looking for, unfortunately they are a little bit more costlier. I guess I can wait and roll around in the money I haven’t spent instead.

Tomorrow I am going to put Tiger on this computer, it has been lagging a bit. I think Tiger didn’t speed up older computers as much as Jaguar or Panther did. It was quite remarkable seeing installing upgrades actually sped up performance, I was just use to the mind set of new operating systems having more features which causes everything to slow down but with Apple the reverse happens.

Oh yes, must get goldfish.

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