Albino possums terrorize me

Sunday night when driving Kathy home I thought at first I was seeing either a really weird looking dog or some sort of giant albino vermin but instead it was an albino possum. is an example of such a creature but this one was not a baby, still very weird looking.

Today kitty saw a chipmunk feasting on some seeds I left out side the sliding door and the cat was ready to attack. The chipmunk either knew the cat couldn’t get him through the glass or didn’t notice but Kitty wanted to go outside and hunt this fierce predator. I grabbed Kitty into my arms and let him out the door in the kitchen. The chipmunk stopped oving when he heard the door open so Kitty didn’t see him because of the lack of movement. When he was about to dart to the fence n the corner of his eye the chipmunk tok off. The cat than walked to where the seeds were and rolled in them, heh.

Oh kitty, how I love you. Yesterday he got in trouble. He decided to jump on the shelves supporting the booze and than sniffed the ceiling and stretched his paw out to a nearby clock to either see if it could support his weight and jump on it or to just knock it down, he got yelled at promptly.

Work has become annoying lately, just a lot of buggering and knit picking over stupid things that some are too dumb to know the answer to or are just confused, bah. I think the person replacing me is complaining some more. I am just trying to get everything done perfectly with minimal work transferred to them so they can’t make a stink and say I left the stuff in ruins.

Getting to work was fun with a giant pickup going into my lane in front of me and than slowing down immediately because they are about to miss their exit, scarier still was seeing the big white pickup behind me dive into the lane tey just vacated because they were following too closely. People need some sort of license to drive a car.

I have gone to a few more stores looking at cameras and I am at a greater loss over which camera I should select. A lot of reviews say that the Panasonics leave too much noise over ISO100 but than some go on to say that is true for all similiar cameras and only true digital SLRs can overcome that. I’m so confused, of course most stores only have a lil picture as evidence of what kind of picture the camera can produce. I hate how some use a special battery, for a camera i need spares, a lot of people spend too much time reviewing pictures.

Kathy and I are still planning a vacation together in May or June to her parents’ place, we may stay for a night in London at Western since they use their dorms as a hotel for the summer. We wanted to look at the school a bit, this will let us be nice and close. While looking for touristy stuff in London I found a crystal chapel there that does weddings in an hour but also has a Drive Thru wedding service. They are apparently trying to emulate Vegas chapels by their own admission. My only question is where is Elvis! I joked with Kathy that we should mention this place to her Grandma before saying we are off to London see you soon.

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