Big Bucking Chicken

Yes that is the tagline to a Burger King ad for there new chicken sandwich. They say it rather often during the commercial which features a bull rider riding a bucking chicken. The first sylable (damn I can’t think of how to spell it), they say it softly so at first listen and subsequently you can’t exactly what they are saying, are they swearing?

I’m at kathy’s right now ready to surprise her with my presence, I think she is at school still, oh well. I did need to check my car anyways. I didn’t think it was shifting gears properly, it seems OK now but it still doesn’t seem 100%.

I need to look into getting a server just to store music, pictures and various other files I never want to replace, meh.

I am not sure what Kathy and I will be doing this weekend, it will be warmer but rainy. I think I am a little under the weather so I cannot go out into the rain too much. Maybe we will go look at some bikes, they will be 20% off soon at Zellers and they start at 99.99. Might have to upgrade the seat since they don’t look the most comfortable.

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