I feel like a bum who fails at saving. I see the money I waste going out to eat but I can’t seem to change my habits, worse yet they have gotten worse through wanting to go out more and eating shittier¬† food. My weight and waist has increased over the past few months and I still can’t get into any sort of exercise, I just don’t find it rewarding or fun, it is just tedious to me.

Work has been better recently, I have moved to a less prominent department whose goals are much more realistic, it’s amazing how having achievable goals ads to the quality of my work life.¬† I do however feel like a failure regardless since I wasnt able to do an adequate job before in there eyes. I do feel regret that I was moved now, I originally asked to be moved because the buyer I worked with had no real plans and it was difficult to work with. The new buyer seems very organized and actually looks at the return for new products and best of all doesn’t blindly commit because the product is pretty.

I still am working later than I would prefer but it would have probably been worse if I started