I ran 5k

My legs didn’t feel good today, not even from the beginning. Not even 2k into my room my right leg was beginning to feel tight and that blood was pooling in my foot, I had to walk for about 20 seconds after I finished 3k to reset my foot although it came right back within a km. Thursday would have been the day I should have done 5k, my legs were feeling good during that run, I am surprised I was able to do it today.

Somehow my pace for the first km was 7.10, the next ones were 7.40 to 8 minutes. I ran it in 38 minutes in total.
Now on to 10k and a faster 5k.

6 minutes to go in my W8D2 workout

And I had to stop. I ran passed the train tracks and I was on my way back. My legs felt pretty good, I know I would have been able to finish those 6 minutes and maybe able to do about 4 minutes more, maybe another 8 on top of that in order to do 5k but I had to stop for other reasons.

The ice cream I had earlier wasn’t sitting right and I sadly had to stop to call for a ride home to use the washroom.  I think I could have hit 5k, damn.

I’m not enjoying running yet, I don’t feel any runners high, it is still just a frustrating 30 minutes of forcing myself to run and not stop and go home. Maybe it will be better once I get past this milestone.

I hit the road and W8D1 is done

It warmed up to around 10c so I got all dolled up in a long sleeve shirt and pants and went for a run. I went the full 28 minutes and I ran faster than I have on the threadmill. I ran at an average 7.30 minute pace for 3.75 km.  That is a lot nicer than the 8.30 minute pace I seem to have on the treadmill. Near the end I was huffing and puffing as I was going back up hill. Not that it was much of a hill, just a gradual climb on a road that you would never notice driving by or walking on it. Looking at my heat map I really struggled for the last 2 minutes of that run. I was doing relatively OK for most of it though, pretty consistent although a little slower after the 2nd KM. My pace for a full 5k would be 38 minutes which is what I did before. My legs felt great, my knees were feeling a little bit of the impact and my breathing was good until the last 2 minutes.


Around halfway through my run I was feeling pretty good, I thought I could push it beyond 28 minutes and maybe go to 30 minutes, I didn’t think I could do the full 5K but a little bit more than what I was scheduled to do. Looking back in August W8D1 was the first time I did 5k, I did W7D3 twice so I guess that helped build me up, Maybe next timeI can get a little bit more. Maybe not since with running outside it is the first time I a dealing with real hills and climbs.  Oh well I should be able to get through it soon, certainly a lot sooner than last year where it took me to August to do it.

W7D3 done

And it felt good doing. I did slow it down a little but not as much as Thursday. My legs didn’t feel too tired, my calves burned a little but not too bad. I wasn’t huffing or puffing either, the dry air wasn’t bugging my throat either. I felt like I could keep going, I was using my broken pegasus shoes instead of my new ones and it felt better, the arches of my feet didn’t feel weird.

My pace was a little faster than last time. Now all I have to do is not be bored. Running on the treadmill is still pretty boring. I really hope I can get to run outside on Monday, high of 10, a little windy.

W7D2 sort of done

I had to skip Tuesday, I had a bit of a cold. I wasn’t feeling 100% but good enough. I ran slower than usual and for most of it with just a 1% incline but I finished. I don’t think my shoes have enough arch support and that’s why my calves are tired. Today I wasn’t actually too tired, it is just my calves are tired. It’s weird to say because at points I just don’t feel like I have the will to keep going. I think it is my legs, maybe because of my feet and shoes.

I did 25 minutes straight at least, it was slow but I did it. I need to get faster.