My eyes hurt, I played about 5 hours to beat We Love Katamari. Still there is lots of room for me to improve but it got beaten at least. And that was how I spent my Saturday, yay. Now there are mosquitos out so I won’t see if I can still bike some more. I haven’t gotten on it since the one time last weeekend, that thought depresses me but during the day it is too hot and I just lost track of time when it began to cool down, sigh.

I wonder what the liekly hood of the area getting a NHL team, it’d be interesting. I wanted to go see the Kitchener Rangers this year but just never could find the time and such.

I am hooked on Bleach and Naruto, the episodes always seem so short and I am always left wanting more, I just find it compelling is all I guess but damn. It also doesn’t help that lately one of the two shows skips a week making my wait for the next episode that much longer. Oh well I guess I could always read the manga but meh.

Damn my eyes hurt from that game, I should get glasses, the sooner the better I am sure.

So hot

I feel like I am stuck in my skin and I just want to crawl out. I should shave now but I don’t want to bother, it seems to take me too long to do it.
Kitty got to spend a few hours outside and pretty much the entire time he was just meowing to be let back in but no one paid any attention to him. Now he is standing at the screen door to be let out.

I have been to talking to a few people at work and am I ever glad I seem to be in a good area, they just tell the most horrific stories that just seems so rude and ignorant to others. I’m not expalining it well but I am tired.

I hope I can go out on the weekend as much as I want to, I’m just worried the heat won’t play well with me and make me sick. It is hard to findshade in some of the areas. oh well.

Walker, Duck Ranger

Today was a lot of walking, after still feeling pretty gross from how much I ate yesterday from the nachos. And damn Jack Astor Nacho’s are good but with a drink they hit $15 bucks, those fuckers. Anyways I walked to the mall to get a new sticker for my car. I was still feeling pretty good but new from how my body was feeling I wouldn’t be able to bike anywhere as I had hoped originally so I kept walking across town. Took about an hour I think but I didn’t time it. Not much of a workout but it is a start at least. I think I have a few blisters on the bottom of my foot, hopefully they won’t annoy me too much. I left my hat behind when I went cell phone shopping with Crissy.

And what a pain in the ass it is, none of the stores can offer you any deals, they are just there to pretty much rope you into whatever plans that are set out and they all pretty much suck. They tend to have reduced features than before or higher fees or weird packages/bundles that make it too difficult to compare it with anything. Kathy was complaining before because the rates for her prepaid Virgin phone are going up, what was the cheapest provider out there is no more, she pays more per minute than I do with Telus when they first provided the service. I found out now that I can get a 25 cent a minute rate with them. I love my ghetto phone, so cheap.

Anyways I need a new hat. On the bright side I was thinking with all the hair on my head the hat seemed to be having difficulty staying on, not that it could be helped much, oh well, maybe I can get a more cowboyish style one in black.

Now to play Guitar Hero…tomorrow, today maybe Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Damn my left knee really hurts too.

I need some oranges

Bah sick again and my head just hurts so much. I really felt tlike throwing up this morning and I was shivering while watching heroes but I forced myself to watch it : p. I kept asking Kathy how much longer was left, I just wanted to get to bed. Damn it is such a beautiful day but I can’t go out, it feels like I’d collapse on my legs.

I need some oranges they contain all the nutrition that I need and will help fight away all the germy’s. If John was sick this week instead of next week all the bridge people would have stayed home from work. Damn we could have played a hella game of Mario Kart, the blue sparks would be flying.

I can’t seem to sleep anymore, I went to bed at 9 but I still feel so tired and now I’m all alone, Katty will be puttering about around town and volunteering today.

Fuck I love We Will Rock You, I have listened to the songs so much since than and the straight Queen versions.

I have really nothing to talk about.

The birds won’t shutup

I woke up at about 4 in the morning and there seemed to be the sounds of hundreds of birds tweeting outside of my window and they just wouldn’t shut up. I fell a sleep a little bit very lightly but kept waking up again due to my crappy mattress and their constant, piercing noise. I did not have fun with that.
I finally came to the conclusion that my mattress is broken, in the centre when I was looking at it from the door is obviouslysunken in the middle, I reflipped it so I’ll see if that helps any but I think it is done for. It should last me another year I guess since there are no springs poking me, it just puts some of my joints in pain when I wake up.

I planted a few sunflowers around the house, I’ll see how they grow, next up is cat grass, I hope that works too, Kitty will be so happy unlike this morning when I found him trapped in the garage overnight. Apparently my parents were closing the garage when he dashed out the open door unafraid of the garage door noises but it was raining so he didn’t go outside but instead went under the car. With that my parents went to bed, the cat probably wanted back in 20 minutes after that, poor, stupid, stubborn thing. When he came he kept on meowing very loud, he finally went quiet when I walked him to his food dish, I guess he waanted to make sure he had food.

Oh yeah there was a piece of the vaccuum near his water dish. When fresh water was put in he took a lick of the water and than looked at the vaccuum piece and than took another lick and than stopped to make sure the vaccuum wasn’t going to come alive and eat him. I talked about the cat a lot wow.

I hope that bird doesn’t keep up with the noise for long, I am so sleepy.

It’s a kind of Magic

Hopefully tomorrow or so I can go on a mad planting spree and see if I can get some sunflowers up, I’d love it. I’m not sure if I took a picture of it but there were some sunflowers as tall as the barn at the Harrow Fall Fair, that reminds me I saw a collapsed barn on my way to work by Steeles, it didn’t look exactly empty but it didn’t have animals in it.

My god they do say fried chicken in Queen’s One Vision song. I thought it was just something they did for the show, heh.

J hasn’t been feeling well lately so I have been driving myself to work, it is pretty damn boring without him. I took to looking ahead at the cracks in the road and wonder if my car can fit between the cracks or not. I scream excitement huh. I’ve been looking at the city golf lately, I didn’t realize they make cars that cheap, in the paper it was advertised at something like 200 or 250 a month for 66 bloody months. Crikey. My car is running fine, just needs an oil change, it is getting warm in it though. I found the other day have the vent on instead of AC was actually a cooler option.

Kitty finally figured out how to open the sliding door’s screen door. It never usually fully closes and today he figured out how to get it open, I think he was having more difficulty with it because it has more friction and resistence. On the brightside all I had to do to get him back in the house was stand in the yard and point towards the door I came out of. I think it helped thatit was raining. It’s been weird he use to always run into the neighbours garden, now when he gets out he chews on some garlics close to the house or runs to the garden to smell. At least he isn’t staying out like he was when he was able to escape.

I should have bought the black christmas tree when I got the chance, I could have had an all emo christmas while listening to Arcade Fire or My Chemical Romance while decorating the tree with my tears. les sigh.

I haven’t updated in a month and a half. I just haven’t felt like it at the times I did remember, I haven’t even bothered to take pictures during that time. meh.

Anywyas in that span I took the lil lady out to see Phantom of the Opera, I got the tickets for xmas since she really liked seeing it before. I guess it is a big deal that it wasn’t the original cast but I at least thought it was fun. I’m glad I saw the movie before, it made it easier to understand what is going on, especially in the parts where Carlita sings. About a month Later we went to see We Will Rock You, the musical based on Queen songs. It had more of storyline than I was expecting and was really, really good. I especially liked the 2nd song umm Radio Gaga. The whole show was really clever.

Hmmm not sure what else I have done lately. Kathy finished school and has moved in with my parents for the time being, otherwise subletting would be costing an additional 400-500 a month and that is a bit excessive, for a couple of months my parents will be gone so we’ll have the house to ourselves.

Oh the cat continues to be happy. Yesterday I got him a catnip bouqet, it is fresh catnip. It was fun seeing how excited he gets over just the smell. He was licking the bag and just gone crazy. I understand now why the packaging states that it is non addictive.