not an easy or good 5k

Its been about 6 days since I last went out. Last time it felt a little rough, especially the next day so I thought I needed to recover from the 10k from the previous run. Today felt ok for the most part, the nagging pain in my leg was back so I walked for a bit to help relieve it, not sure how much it helped, I can still feel some spasms from it in my leg. Hopefully my run on Wednesday will be better. I have run for the cure on Sunday, the team I’m on raised over $1200 which is amazing since we just got together Wednesday or so.

short run

Just ran 5k today, walked for a few parts of it, my calf was feeling a little tight and my knee was a little soar, my legs were still hurting from the 10k before so I guess it’s not too surprising.  I started to use the nike 10k trainer coach, it is a good idea but implemented kind of poorly.  It wanted me to walk a bit to warm up and than do farklets for a while but it gives no audio cues of when to do any of that which is funny since it tells you how long to walk before switching to a run.  I also tried using the music player through the app, it seems to only have the ability to shuffle songs, it didn’t want to skip forward to the next song either.

I’m going to try it for this week I guess, it wants me to run for two days, cross train and than run for two days, I’ll see how it goes I guess.

10k done

Oh my god, it was hell to finish that last km.  It didn’t take much longer than the 4 km before that, or really all 10 km but I felt like I was forcing my body to run and that it just didn’t really have the energy to keep on going.  Heh after 5 km I average 8 minutes a km, before that it seems to range from 7-7.45 a km.  I seem to be coughing and breathing more mucus than usual, not sure if it is from the colder weather, being somewhat sick or drinking more milk.  There was one point where it seemed so thick in my mouth and roof of my mouth that I just needed to spit it out but was having trouble getting enough regular saliva to do that.  Gross I know.  So yay 10k, not sure what I will do now or where I will go for now, I know I want to run faster and running farther doesn’t seem to be helping with that much at all.  Oh and I am a sweaty mess, my hat is covered in sweat, I didn’t realize until afterwards, it is pretty gross looking, it almost looks like I was beginning to saturate the bill of the hat too.

My phone is working again, yay, well not really my phone, somehow through all of this I ended up with my wife’s phone and she has the ghetto phone still since the one battery was DOA, so much for a quick fix.  We did get to play D&D yesterday and it was super fun, I started to second guess myself since I didn’t know how to get into a trading guild/company in order to get them to stop slavery, more political intriguing than dungoen delving I guess.

9k or oh my god my legs

My phone is all borked so I couldn’t keep track with my app but according to googlemaps I ran 9k today, woot woot, not bad for estimating. My legs haven’t felt this soar in quite a while. Usually a little bit after I am thinking I could have gone on a little bit longer but not this time. I am soar getting up, moving around, even my shower didn’t help too much although I didn’t turn up the heat and aim it at my legs. My pace seemed to be a little quicker at. 7.30 throughout. I still need to speed up but hopefully it is coming, just more gradual than I would like.

Ugly run

I decided to try to work on my speed so I ran up a road that is somewhat steep, god it was tiring my legs were burning but I guess that is good, after that for my last 1 k I was running off and on.  I was thinking of just running normally especially since I thought I might be able to do another 7 or 8k but decided against it since I left the house so late, in reality the difference might have been 20 minutes which isn’t that big of a deal but I needed to run faster.  It will probably be my biggest struggle is to gain speed meanwhile other people I see are posting times like 22k in 2 hours, shittttttt, and she seems to run 4 or 5 times a week.

Stella went to the vet today, she has stones and is apparently causing leakage out of her and has given her vulva an infection, so gross.  Now we have to wipe at her everyday and spray her three times a day.

1 more k done

I ran 8k today, the 7th k was the toughest and the slowest but I seemed to have been able to make it.  It was a cold night as well, not cold but cold for September, I was considering coming back in to get a jacket on.  My leg started to do its thing where it feels like it is going to go numb a couple of times but somehow I was able to get past it and work it out.  I’m not really sure how I did that, if it was from flexing my foot or using my calf more.  I got a stitch in my side as well that slowed me down but somehow it wasn’t able to stop me, it was close though, I was running pretty slow for a bit.  The only frustrating thing about my run is that I did it in just over an hour, which is good in a way since it means I comleted the bridge to 10k program by running for an hour straight, the downside is that I am 2k short of my target, so it will take me about an extra 15 minutes to do 10k.  I might have been able to do it today but I didn’t want to overdue it.  Go me.

7k done

And I might have went for 8 if it wasn’t so late.  It was a slower run today, 40 minutes for the first 5k.  My 6thk was the slowest at 9 minutes but than I sped up for the last k.  During the 6th k my leg was bothering me and I got a bit of a stitch but it west away soon after.  I used my dual shock shoe again, it was rough going early on, it felt like it was making the arch of my foot pop up higher than it should.  It was a cool night again but as soon as I got some sweat going it felt hot and icky.  I didn’t notice how sweaty I was until I took off my shirt, that thing is amazing wicking the sweat away and it was soaked through.  Afterwards though I was also amazed at how much my foot was cramping from my shoe, it wasn’t happy at all.  On the bright side, I ran with a hat today and it kept all the sweat out of my eye which I am very happy about.

The super Harvest Moon is huge, This morning I left an hour early to get into work sooner and it took up a lot of the sky and kept things nice and bright.  I wasn’t too sleepy this morning which was good since I was able to notice quickly that my bus wasn’t coming and didn’t actually start to run that early.  I am lucky that I ran across my neighbourhood because I was walking to the bus stop that does have a bus in the morning it was already approaching, I ran across traffic to get in, I’m glad he waited for me, although he was a bit early.  The bottom of my foot feels tight and so does my calf, tomorrow is going to suck.

5 more k

The air tonight was smokey, it rained a ton yesterday and I guess someone didn’t think through there decision to have a fire tonight, it is everywhere.  I think it was near me since it seemed to be stronger here, I don’t think it help put me out to a great start, the beginning of my run was slow going, around 9 minutes or so. I felt to winded and my breathing was rather labourous.  My legs felt fine although running that slow I don’t think they would feel that bad.  The GPS in my phone wasn’t working again tonight, it said I covered 4k in the distance that I cover 5k.  I rebooted my phone afterwards so hopefully it will be ok for next time.  Kind of disappointing since I could have kept going but I want to know how far I actually make it.  It was a colder night, about 16 but it still felt like the humidity was making it feel like it was 24 or so, it wasn’t it felt like 16 but it still felt gross and sticky out. I’m not 100% sure about my new shoes but I think given the choice I won’t be picking a dual fusion again but I am frustrated because my pegasus keep breaking.  Nike’s website for the pegasus sucks


The results came in on a race I ran a few weeks ago, it is weird my time came in only 4 minutes worse than my best time even though i spent a lot time walking, a ridiculous amount of time walking.  The only thing that prevented it from being worse was the 2 minutes I saved at the beginning of the run by running at the pace most people were running, ie an average person’s pace.  I have at least 2 races that I am interested it doing for the year and maybe a third, not sure on it yet.

Tonight we are babysitting Thomas, I thought he was going to be a bit fussier but he has been really chill all day, we haven’t seen him as much but he doesn’t hold it against us, I guess he isn’t as clingy to his parents so it is just easier.  The cats want nothing to do with him though.  He had a nap and cried a bit afterwards but I think that is a fairly normal response and he wanted to be held for a bit after his nap.  He is sleeping overnight, I hope he sleeps through the night, I am doubtful since he went down at 8, actually I think I here him right now at 11.30.  He is making some noises, hopefully he just goes back to sleep.  I think I will be going to sleep now.  I finally finished reading through the available Game of Thrones books, it is really well written and fun to read, now to wait for more books, sigh.  I guess I could read the wheel of time in the meantime.


And its been about 8 days

It has been super humid, today was actually pretty humid as well, it feels like 26.  I checked while I was running, it didn’t feel hot and it said there was a heatwave warning, oops.  I of course couldn’t run yesterday when it was cool because of a headache.  I did 5k,  did stop for a minute twice to rest my leg, it still seems to be doing that thing.  I got new shoes while in the US, they are dual fusion which seemed very soft in the store but not quite so soft when I was running.  The Pegasus ones seem softer but they keep breaking on me.  I got a couple of blisters, my first since running actually I think.  I just might not have laced them u tight enough.  I got a shirt and some more socks while there and got to spend 90 minutes on the bridge, and had to go in and pa hst on my purchases, they didn’t wave us through, boo.