Sloth like

I just ate soup and I am starving. Unfortunately the whoppers I had for lunch were disgusting, worse still the incompetent person at the counter couldn’t get the money off my gift card, les sigh.

I have pretty much just done passive web surfing all day, I just haven’t felt like actually doing anything that requires moving or thinking including exercise or resume updating. Worse still when I am at work I feel very over weight and disgusting.

I guess everybody is like this lately. Part of this I think is coupled with being worried about having jobs being streamlined at work. It certainly would suck :/ Even with that I have been looking at cameras online more and more, not sure if I am really, truly interested yet or if it is just consumerism to get me out of my funk.

Oh well hopefully I will soon turn into a spagetti monster.


Gingie is dumb. Plain and simple. He is a Guinea pig and he pretty much pees and poops all over his cage. They usually pick a spot in their cage to use as the bathroom but this one keeps shifting his spots around. At first it looked like he chose the side of the cage which is really weird since it wasn’t a corner and his igloo would be in some of that area. Last time the cage was changed it went about 10 days without a changing since Kathy was sick and it had cedar chips which are grosser than the paper stuff. I guess he was really grossed out by that so since then he has actually learned a bit and has picked an area for his poop and has mostly kept his poop from getting into his food dish.

He is still dumb though. He doesn’t know how to drink water from his water tube thingy. He constantly gnaws at the tube from the side than gnaws down the whole thing like a cheap whore, gets a little water and than does it all over again. It isn’t becuase he likes chewing since when he does this he does go in for the drink and his old water bottle was attached to the cage empty. After a couple of days when he realized that it wasn’t going to give him water he never touched it again. It doesn’t sound like much but it is really annoying at 2am.

I was just staring at him going through his routine to drink and just thought I must be staring at him really oddly. Than I remembered something my neighbour told me once. One of his cousins acted kind of dumb and sounded lazy. Like if you asked him to put his chair back he would say in a lazy kind of way, ooh Oh Kay. Anyways my neighbout told a mutual friend at the time who came by a lot that he was retarded. Whenever his cousin was around the MF would just kind of stare with his mouth open at my neighbour’s ‘retarded’ cousin. It didn’t help that he said or did stupid things, but it was pretty funny to watch and see him interact with him. Oh well. I’m not sure if he ever was told the truth.

Sad day

Kathy went back home again today on the train. The day for me at least felt full of dread since she’d eventually be heading home. We ended up watching all of the good movies on pay per view today, although I guess Superbad is suppose to be good. The windchill is -24 so we didn’t try to venture out, could be worse, Winnipeg was ridcolously cold and colder still with windchill, poor Laura.
Went to Casey’s on the weekend it was a lot of fun there. The food was pretty good, I miss out on seeing people, I got a few good ones, I think most were blurry though since I had the flash off.
Went to see the Fr!nge festival on Saturday, all the plays were good, just the first one was a stinker. Inbetween went to the Noodle Hut, it was damn good. The food was so cheap too, it was great.
Not sure what I will do all week, hopefully something productive. Maybe reinstall Office 2003, I can’t stand 2007, took me forever to find save as.


Yesterday the house smelled like a toilet. It was apprently because of some sort of stew/soup that was in the kitchen, it was pretty bad. I am sleepy again. I got my fringe tickets today, unfortunately they didn’t know what I meant by weekend passes and I had to settle for two saturday show passes, that was money, doh.
I am tired again, always seem to be tired at night. I really should clean my glasses. I haven’t cleaned them since I dropped it in the mud in Chris’s truck.
Damn trucks are needed if I ever get a boat, not that it’d be much of an investment since there is no real lakes around. I’d hate to travel out for a couple of hours drive just to go around for a bit. Although camping would be neat. I saw a neat one at I originally was just looking for info about the game :p

I can’t believe that there is a tv show loosely based off of the idea of that coast gaurd movie. The idea for the movie seemed so stupid and like they were really stretching. The tv show seems even more so. This week’s commercial for ER is so hoakey as well, blah.

Kitty is a suck

My brother isn’t around so the first time in weeks he has actually climbed on top of my bed and curled up to sleep next to my legs. Right now he has his head almost completely upside down, I wish my camera was handy.

My iPhoto experiment is a failure, as I suspected from importing the pictures, there is too much lag for me to have my library wirelessly on another computer.

I was hoping it would work since my computer is 7 years old and was bottom of the line at the time as well. I don’t want to get a new computer because I don’t want to spend 1600+ on it before tx, ugh. The macbooks also have a glossy screen (like what most laptops have) so everything would be shining off of it. I was a little tired of it only after using my friends laptop for a bit. At first it makes it looks shiny and clean but in reality it is annoying. The Macbook pros have nicer antiglare screens but are also 800 more, although I would get another gig of ram, more hdd, more battery life and a 15″ screen instead of 13″

When I was coming home I was originally planning on taking some picutres but I am too sleepy to really go outside and do any of that. It also didn’t help that the light was fading already, oh well.

Right now I want to go get my camera but I don’t want to disturb the cat, it makes me wonder if I really am in control, oh well. Haha he keeps jumping at every sound and with it he kind of looks in that direction with his eyes as closed as possible.

On the weekend Kathy and I had an extended shopping trip where we looked at everything from washing machines to vacuums, it was actually pretty nice since we really just talked about our dreams for the future and our love for cheese. Our first lame date was walking around a mall too : p

We still have quite a ways off until we have to buy any of that stuff. I still don’t get how at ease Chris can feel with the amount of debt he will be getting. I am nervous myself with just my car payments and I should be able to afford it. It is also nerve wracking just to think that house prices just keep rising, makes it hard for us to catch up, I guess I’ll see how things go.

Weekend will have the fringe festival at WLU, should be fun. I should have bought the tickets already but Kitty purrs me.

Sometimes the marked paths aren’t marked enough.

So I was suppose to be at my nieces hockey game. I thought I new the name, a road right by it had the same name of the mall nearby so i thought I knew a way there, especially since I couldn’t get into the turn lane I wanted. It turns out I nnever knew where I was and drove way out of town before realizing this. Oh well. I did find the place with the fake cop car, I can see why they advertise so much, they are pretty far out of town. Also the fake cop car looks like a real one, I started checking my speed. Anywyas the arena I was aiming to be at was actually one block away from the intersection Kathy told me to turn at. I should listen to her, my wisdom and intelligence rolled a 1.

Because of all the extra driving and being late in general we also missed the game. They have 12 minute periods so it is a shorter game.

I could really go for some cheese right now. And the Crack Peppercorn Burger at Kelseys is really good although their food is rather pricey now : /

Sigh, I was going to install server 2003 on a computer here but when I asked for the disc, what I got was a burnt DVD with 20 songs on it.

Friday I got to see chris’s house, or the hole at least. The area is full of houses, it just seems so clostrophobic although I imagine anything that isn’t would be considerabley more expensive. Oh well I got some pics in, should have looked at some of the built houses around since they all look like the same design roughly.


Getting through my chores, resume still needs more work though, it is hard to find stuff to put into it. I sent in the form for my eco rebate. All that is left is update wordpress and try to magic my iPhoto library onto Golduck and well maybe finish off FF3. Oh and look for computer speakers, my old, old ones uses a 10 volt adapter so of course I can’t find the original adapter or probably ever be able to find a replacement one.

I drink too much milk.

Zombie eat

Last night I left London with Kathy probably about to pass out from her drug high. It has been a while since I drove down that highway at night, it is a sad road full of tears. Fog too. I really hate not being able to cuddle with Kathy everynight. The last few nights I was actually sleeping on the floor since she had her wisdom teeth pulled out and I didn’t want to headbut her during the night or superman her or something.

Last nighht even though I was in a semi comfy bed I still ended up tossing and turning most of the night. I was surprised when the alarm did go off, it felt like I was awake the entire night but it also felt like I just went to sleep. Evidently I did fall a sleep during the night inbetween the waking up and rolling over in bed again and again. I was informed that Kitty missed me so much he decided to run very noisily around the house at night up the stairs and than immediately down the stairs. I guess it is his way of making sure there aren’t any other cats hiding in the house.

All day I felt like a zombie but not the normal brain eating one, or the kind that emits power cosmic from his mouth. My brain didn’t want to do much of anything today, I just went through the motions waiting until I could go to sleep again. By my calculations chocolate milk would have fixed me up alright but I didn’t want to get any, chocolate milk is expensive and getting wisdom teeth has an even heftier tab, have to save the pennies. Part of it to was just out of laziness, I didn’t get any water to drink despite it being free and having an empty 4L resevoir on my desk to fill.

This weekend in London I did discover the long lost liquidation world, it was a serious dump. On the way from it (I think) there was a beer store with a drive thru. I can’t for the life of me remmeber where I ssaw it. Maybe I had a very vivid dream.

Even with all the yuckiness and weird feelingness can still be glad that it won’t be much longer until Friday.

Oh well time is up
I shaved myself with a blade
Rusty razor blade smooth.


So I found out London doesn’t have just one Liquidation World (I thought it had none) but it actually has two and I passed one of them several times.

Anyways. I spent new years playing Blokus (great game) and Mastermind. In Blokus to much cursing from my sister I beat her pretty good and used up all of my pieces.

Yesterday Kathy and I went to California Sushi on Hespeler Rd. The food was really good. I had Chirashi sushi which was various fish bits on rice. I am not sure what they did to the rice but it was incredibly good. It had a flavour that I can’t really identify. For all I know it could have just been fish flavour that the rice absorbed with rice vinegar. Kathy pointed out afterall that my usual food piks or bland and lacking in the flavour so I just may be over reacting. Kathy I believe had a dragon sushi roll. Heh my stuff came with salad and a soup that I didn’t like so I pawned it off on kathy as well : p.

Tomorrow Wisdom teeth.