What a day

At liquidation World they had stuffed Homer Simpson’s, they werelike 3 feet tall. I was weak but Kathy prevented me friom wasting my money on it. I did get a stuffed squirrel. At the moment it is staring at me from across the room on the desk. It is more then a little creepy.
I had today off and what better way to spend it then get drilled by the dentist. It has been about 10 years or so, I didn’t think I would be too afraid but I forgot all about getting the initial needle, and I tensed up. My hands stayed scrunched all throughout even though it was completely pain free. I have been use to immense pain while going to the dentist, I could feel the drilling but this was a walk in the park. The place itself is neat with TVs mounted on the ceiling and your choice of what to watch. I saw the episode of Friends when Phoebe admits that a pimp spit into her mouth.
Sleep was rough yesterday, I had a cat food bowl in here at night to relieve Buster’s food stress and Stella empties it with her paw to play with the pieces. At night it is loud and irritating and I couldn’t get her to stop, I take her away and she’d just jump back there and make more noise.
I need to eat more vegetables and by vegetables I mean fruit, I have been gassy and smelly lately.