What an exciting day.

It couldn’t have been more exciting unless I found a three chambered peanut.

I played a bit of Batlion Wars for Gamecube, it is loosely based on Advanced Wars, it is a little awkward to control or to tell troops to retreat.

Kathy and I took the inflatable raft out on the Grand River for a trip, after a few missteps we got out there. One of the missteps included me falling into the river. The raft is a real pain in the ass to row with two oars at once. We did make some good time when we each picked a paddle and a side but we never did travel too far. When we started getting out in the open more closer to the hospital the wind began to pick up and we couldn’t keep going forward so we let the current take us back. There was some cute baby ducks swimming about just following mama when she stopped to eat they went under the water. Also saw a weasel running along the shore. It was pretty. There was also a couple of fishies that jumped in the air during our trip. We also got to see a furry log, but that might have been something else. The people at the rowing club in Cambridge can really move.

Overall the trip wasn’t the greatest, the raft which said it can hold 4 people really can only hold two so there wasn’t really room to carry anything or have space to stretch out. It also wasn’t set up well to row, the bits that the oars go through are too far forward and were constantly hitting my knees. We ended up taking it home and cleaning it up and drying it off and returning it. The picture on the box showed 4 people and everything on it, oh well.

Trixie is still having a hard time adjusting to living here, she doesn’t like kitty and growls and hisses whenever she comes close. She also doesn’t seem to want to walk past him. I had to bring her litter upstairs again so there is a greater chance she can get some privacy to use it. She did pee beside the bed the other day and I discovered today that she pooped in the corner in the main room. There was also a small spot in the middle of the floor as well as a bigger spot on my parent’s white sofa that is the fancy kind that you can’t sit on. According to her poop in the corner and her litter box it is a bit on the leaky side. : /

I picked up Kitty and placed him on the bed near Trixie she growled but didn’t do much else eventually she lied down but wasn’t happy about it. Anytime I or Kitty moved she would look and growl a bit.

Oh well my day off work was enjoyable, I hope I didn’t miss much. The place across from BK had some really big fireworks, I can’t find any pictues though. My last set was neat though.

At least I didn’t get burnt by the sun.

I cleaned

The house looks pretty much the same, just matter of moving some papers around and clearing out the main hallway. Trixie gets to visit, poor old kitty I hope the ride over for her won’t be too rough, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to pick her up, her whole body is usually sore and aches and it may hurt. Right now instead of buying ice I am freezing some pop bottles full of water intending to crack them open later and use them for ice. I’m so cheap.

Kathy and I didn’t go canoeing on Saturday since we really would have no clue on how to get back in if it flipped in the middle of the river. So Sunday we were going to get up early and go fish but Kathy needed some sleep, her sister was actually online so she spent some time late at night talking with her. I didn’t have the heart to wake her. We travelled around a bit looking for something to keep kitty in the yard so he doesn’t go out any more on midnight adventures. The only solutions were kind of expensive, especially since he can squeeze through a lot. Chicken wire was the most economical way but very ugly. Finished touring the Sam’s Club and well it kind of sucks, the best deal I saw was a 6 pack of chilli for 8 or 9 dollars. Next was cheese except that amount of cheese would have gone bad on us. It is kind of funny, the chilli was Stagg’s Chilli and than for the part that they say what flavour it is, they call it private reserve. So classy I know, nothing like having your very own mass produced and cheaply sold private reserve, I bet it is made with primates. I found the selection really limited and bland.

Afterwards we went to Staples and than Canadian Tire. We parked at Staples and than walked towards the Canadian Tire which was way across the power centre. We got a 10 dollar card from there on Saturday so we went and wanted to be good consumers and use the 10$. It turns out that there is date restrictions so it will be a little bit until we can use it, we did get a raft though. Some lady took another one that looked a little bit more interesting but oh well. So we walked with the raft in a tiny half cart all they way across back to the car, I felt guilty driving to Staples already from across the street.

We drove around during the day to the other Canadian Tire to see if they had a better selection, they didn’t but they had mini model tents, they were pretty cute. The Fish and chips place was closed for lunch so we got cheese at Camissio’s and ran into Dave’s brother, it took me a bit to figure out who he was, I never did see or talk to him much when I spent a lot of time with Dave and it has been about 2 or 3 years I guess. We stopped by the canoe launch on the Grand by the GTO gas bar and than at the other one I guess that is River Bluffs, just to scout the area so we’d know what we were getting ourselves into. While at home getting lunch we realized we didn’t have a pump for the raft. I was thinking another 60 or so would have to be thrown down for a portable one, luckily Kathy remembered that I had the pump for the air mattress and wondered about the price for those car starter things since they come with plugs to use. My pump was house powered, from there we remembered the power inverters. I got the cheap one and than quickly realized that it wouldn’t fit into my cigarette lighter because of how mine is molded into the car. Good thing I tried it out before leaving, so we got an extention for it.

Went off to get Kathy’s fishing license renewed and found out that place closed at 2, went to the boat place and got everything plugged together and than I turned on the power, it lasted about a second. I found out that the thing didn’t fit in the dash originally because I was going to plug it all together there to see if it would work. I didn’t try that when I actually could in the parking lot of the store, So back I went, got a more powerful one which did work. Unfortunately by this time I was just tired and frustrated and very cranky. There was still enough light but it just didn’t seem meant to be. We are going to try and do this Friday on my day off. Yesterday it showed no rain in the forcast, todayy there is rain clouds for every day that it is forecasted. Sigh.

That cat is sneaky

Twice yesterday he ran from behind me to get outside, fucking cat. The second time was around 10 at night so I was out there trying to get him in with a flashlight and a hose. The neighbours were watching me from their upstairs window thinking I was a prowler. Kathy went to bed way later than me, poor sleepy head. We didn’t go canoeing since Kathy brought up a very good point, we have no idea how to get back in if we fall out in the middle of the river. We might get an inflatable raft instead and try that instead.

At some point I ahve to check around for some sort of wires and such to block up any kind of escape for the cat to keep him in the yard. I got a temp membership at Sam’s Club to see what it is all about, so far I didn’t go through the whole place but I don’t see the appeal. A third of the store has pet food and a lot of weird odds and ends. I guess the food section is suppose to be better, we only got a little through it but I didn’t see anything that great yet. I don’t get how they can say they sell in bulk when most of the stuff is in single servings, they sell stereos and such one at a time, same with their very shitty and limited selection of music and movies. The laundry soap wasn’t in a packaging too much bigger than what you can normally get. The chips look impressive but that is it, they are way more than half full of air. Quick tip a chip weighs a gram, now you know how many chips are in a bag. The BBQ they sell in ones and were bloody expensive. The Home Depot looked pretty fancy and had a full Harvey’s. Oh well.

Still can’t call Portugal

granted I haven’t been trying a lot but it isn’t working when I try. I think some of the people that live near the people behind me have been evicted. There is a few mattresses on the curb and a whole lot of shit including about 7 tires, I have no idea why they have that many tires or where they would have put them.

My neck hurts, I can’t turn my head to the right without strain or pain, I can’t seem to relax the muscle. I hope icce cream will fix it. The ice cream I found in the fridge had quite a bit of ice in it and by a bit I mean a lot. Right now it is sitting in a blender melting a bit. I haven’t used this blender before, I hope it works. Kathy and I shall be getting a Monster Blizzard that has all kinds of crap in it. M&M’s, cookie dough, and all kinds of other crap. I hope the blender works. I should have had chilli instead of tuna, oh the yumminess of beans. At Zehrs they have cans of beans that are half the volume of the the regular can at a whopping 10 cents less making it 99 cents. I decided too consume more beans and let them go to waste if I wasn’t that hungry.

The cat is so fucking stupid, he is still trying to niible away at the cactus, he doesn’t seemed to have gotten hurt yet but it is the second time today he has tried that. Something wicked this way comes.

Catcus, the new chew toy.

Oh yeah, I did catch King Kong and my god that movie is long. It is just a weird movie, meh. My parents have already used upp all of their video tapes already, I think they brought 3 two hour tapes, I’m glad they don’t make me watch that stuff. I couldn’t call my pa for Father’s day, it kept showing up as busy, today I got the message that all circuits were full.

I hope Edmonton wins. Work seemed like a clusterfuck today, I hope I did well, I know I didn’t step up as much as I could have but I just didn’t have the time to look at anything, blah. Oh well, at least I won’t get a canoe.

When I got home, before I got inside I noticed Kitty was sitting on the window ledge looking out the front windows at me just sitting there. I got a new heater for my aquarium since the last one unexpectantly quit on me. I also picked up a two dolla cactus. It doesn’t have sharp pointy thorns, rather they are pretty fine. The cat smelled it a lot and than tried knawing at the end a few times. I hope he cuts that out. I think it will look good against the cheap bamboo.

Last night a kitty came to visit Kitty. He came to the sliding door and Kitty and the other kitty started pawing at the window at each other. It was pretty funny, unfortunatley I was in bed when that happened so I wasn’t quite sure what those noises were. Kitty went from sleeping though to a tall pile of fur in no time according to Kathy. That’s pretty much all I have got tosay.


I did a whole lot of nothing today and it was good. I did mow the lawn today, just the front though. It didn’t look any different at all since it was somewhat underwatered so it never really grew. Oh yeah there are two special editions of The Princess Bride on DVD now, one is the dead pirate edition and the back describes it through the action in the movie, the other version is the Buttercup edition and the back of the packagaing describes the mushy side of the movie. Both have different colour schemes as well.

I never did call my dad today, well I did call but the phone was busy. I’m bad at laundry it takes me about 12 hours to do 3 loads. I’m afraid to shave, when I was at the docks I got my head pretty burnt so I don’t want to shave and have a big white chin and sideburns. I should have shaved my head again, some spots are a bit uneven.

So yeah I stayed in and played Starcraft a bit during the last few days. Nothing really to write about.

I’m off

I just felt so weird today and sleepy. My eyes hurt and I am just tired. For most of the day I had a headache and I actually had a nap. Odama for gamecube will be 10 bucks in a little over a week at EB, should be fun, if I ever do play it. Kitty got a new mouse toy, it is mouse sized, well rat sized and it is kind of canvasy and chewy with stray fur that is sure to bother him. I found the jumping spider that we got weeks ago at St. Jacob’s. It has a squeeze ball that inflates a lift under the spider making it jump. Kitty likes killing it. The airbag underneathe is put in such a position that it can move forward. It is very cute when he starts attacking it, especially when it is under a flyer, he gets confused and digs.

I still can’t get the bbq up and running. I guess I’ll just use the George Foreman Grill instead, I haven’t used it before, I hope it is tastey. I found out Zellers not only sells the one model of Kayak that is there but also canoes and paddle boats and such. I’m not sure why but I am just so fascinate by it all. Wicked is coming again.

Headache again

Yesterday I went to bed around 9 to get sleep, I was just dead tired. So yeah I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I did try setting up the satelite what a pain in the ass that was too.

The canopener that I got not oo long ago I think is dieing already. It was strugling with two cans today and the gears turn much more than the I get around the can. They also didn’t cut in tow spots on both cans so I had to use a spoon to pry it open which got me covered in sauce. It feels pretty gross. Oh well, I did figure out the tv thing and saw Enterprise and some wrestling, so yay. Adium X for OS X is neat, when people messgae me a duck holds up heir name in the dock.

I burnt my foot…with the sun.

You can click on any of the pictures to get a larger version. Did an unexpected tour of St. Jacobs yesterday, Chris used a surprisingly quick way into the market. There was some interesting plants but we weren’t there for that. I was there to just hang around and look about. There was some African Tribe masks, I think I would be unnerved if they were hanging in my bedroom. Jen was interested in the build your own teddy bear bit. The cat angel was pretty cute. There was some smoked cock, crusty buns and hot chicks too! There was some John Deere hats too there. When kathy’s roommate saw the hat she just wanted it. What a farmer.

There was a little pony ride area and goat feeding pen. Basically the ponies were tied to a turn go round thing as someone gently pushed in making them move. Those little horsies looked very bored. If you like being in studio audiences you could experience it here with the as seen on TV stuff was in full force. There was a shredder thing that had Jen mesmerized, beside that was some weird lady displaying card tricks. She talked kind of slowly and purposefully. She reminded me of Roseanne’s tv mom from her show, she kind of looked like her as well. I didn’t get any pictures of her or her King of Spades sweater.

Waterloo park got the piglets back and they ran around a bit, it was pretty cute to see with their stubby little legs. The battery was gone by then. The emus were back as well. Chris tore leaves off the tree and fed the pregnant goat or the cute lil baby goats. I didn’t get to see the duckies but I suspect Jen saw a very gross bathroom.

We toured around a bit more looking for cheap bedroom furnature, I can’t think of any place to get bedroom furnature on the cheap other than liquidation world and their selection is variable and can be pretty bad. Smitty’s which we did visit was very expensive and the fashion furnature and chairs were really ugly and expensive. They had some chairs that sat one person and was really ugly for a grand. They did have a couple of nice peices though but they were still pretty expensive. I have no idea what I’ll do when I need real furnature, maybe some kind of estate sale. Liquidation world had a bunch more KFC buckets, I still need to take pictures of it, they also had Dairy Queen ones but they weren’t as cool.

When you are wearing a tiger shirt you will get laid for sure. This guy had a lot of trouble keeping the chicks off of him. He has the eye of the tiger and stuff. Kitty decided to sleep on my laundry he kept burrowing to get away from the cold, I always love watching him do stuff like that. Oh yeah I got 10 more fish and they all school together. I found out that my heater isn’t heating though. I was getting a pimp one from the local pet shop but my tank has a lip around the edge and it needed to be flat against the tank.

Kitty sure does like protecting us from the enemy. I am glad he keeps the chipmunk at bay, otherwise he could eat my nuts. Kitty is still a little afraid of him but if he run kitty’s instincts kick in and he wants to chase him. Unfortunatley when kitty goes outside now he just runs to the garden into the dirt and rolls into it really good. And he really rolls to make sure he gets all scratched.