What an exciting day.

It couldn’t have been more exciting unless I found a three chambered peanut.

I played a bit of Batlion Wars for Gamecube, it is loosely based on Advanced Wars, it is a little awkward to control or to tell troops to retreat.

Kathy and I took the inflatable raft out on the Grand River for a trip, after a few missteps we got out there. One of the missteps included me falling into the river. The raft is a real pain in the ass to row with two oars at once. We did make some good time when we each picked a paddle and a side but we never did travel too far. When we started getting out in the open more closer to the hospital the wind began to pick up and we couldn’t keep going forward so we let the current take us back. There was some cute baby ducks swimming about just following mama when she stopped to eat they went under the water. Also saw a weasel running along the shore. It was pretty. There was also a couple of fishies that jumped in the air during our trip. We also got to see a furry log, but that might have been something else. The people at the rowing club in Cambridge can really move.

Overall the trip wasn’t the greatest, the raft which said it can hold 4 people really can only hold two so there wasn’t really room to carry anything or have space to stretch out. It also wasn’t set up well to row, the bits that the oars go through are too far forward and were constantly hitting my knees. We ended up taking it home and cleaning it up and drying it off and returning it. The picture on the box showed 4 people and everything on it, oh well.

Trixie is still having a hard time adjusting to living here, she doesn’t like kitty and growls and hisses whenever she comes close. She also doesn’t seem to want to walk past him. I had to bring her litter upstairs again so there is a greater chance she can get some privacy to use it. She did pee beside the bed the other day and I discovered today that she pooped in the corner in the main room. There was also a small spot in the middle of the floor as well as a bigger spot on my parent’s white sofa that is the fancy kind that you can’t sit on. According to her poop in the corner and her litter box it is a bit on the leaky side. : /

I picked up Kitty and placed him on the bed near Trixie she growled but didn’t do much else eventually she lied down but wasn’t happy about it. Anytime I or Kitty moved she would look and growl a bit.

Oh well my day off work was enjoyable, I hope I didn’t miss much. The place across from BK had some really big fireworks, I can’t find any pictues though. My last set was neat though.

At least I didn’t get burnt by the sun.

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