Hot chips

Trixie seems to be mostly camping either under my bed, on it, or in the corner in the room downstairs. She still doesn’t like kitty much, she tried swatting at him with her paws earlier, kitty kind of defended himself. He doesn’t seem scared of her anymore, I carried him right to her, she hissed and hissed, I petted him and he stayed in place.

No one was really aorund when I went to work, hell no one was really on the 401 at all. The drive was smooth and quick. I did get a whole lot of work done today though, I thought I was going to have to stay later. I had some good sushi, it was rather yummy.

Brain Age and Big Brain Academy are fun, I have a tiny old brain according to the games but I am good at suduku. After Kathy was finsihed with me my suduku times were more than doubled, she crazy. I have to get my sister to tell me how to clean their pool and drain some water from it, it is slowly filling, I hope I don’t have to touch the filter, there are some june bgs in it, surprisingly I haven’t seen any others, I guess I hide from them well.

I’m too lazy to go upload a cute picture of Trixie to the phat pipes of the internet.

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