I cleaned

The house looks pretty much the same, just matter of moving some papers around and clearing out the main hallway. Trixie gets to visit, poor old kitty I hope the ride over for her won’t be too rough, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to pick her up, her whole body is usually sore and aches and it may hurt. Right now instead of buying ice I am freezing some pop bottles full of water intending to crack them open later and use them for ice. I’m so cheap.

Kathy and I didn’t go canoeing on Saturday since we really would have no clue on how to get back in if it flipped in the middle of the river. So Sunday we were going to get up early and go fish but Kathy needed some sleep, her sister was actually online so she spent some time late at night talking with her. I didn’t have the heart to wake her. We travelled around a bit looking for something to keep kitty in the yard so he doesn’t go out any more on midnight adventures. The only solutions were kind of expensive, especially since he can squeeze through a lot. Chicken wire was the most economical way but very ugly. Finished touring the Sam’s Club and well it kind of sucks, the best deal I saw was a 6 pack of chilli for 8 or 9 dollars. Next was cheese except that amount of cheese would have gone bad on us. It is kind of funny, the chilli was Stagg’s Chilli and than for the part that they say what flavour it is, they call it private reserve. So classy I know, nothing like having your very own mass produced and cheaply sold private reserve, I bet it is made with primates. I found the selection really limited and bland.

Afterwards we went to Staples and than Canadian Tire. We parked at Staples and than walked towards the Canadian Tire which was way across the power centre. We got a 10 dollar card from there on Saturday so we went and wanted to be good consumers and use the 10$. It turns out that there is date restrictions so it will be a little bit until we can use it, we did get a raft though. Some lady took another one that looked a little bit more interesting but oh well. So we walked with the raft in a tiny half cart all they way across back to the car, I felt guilty driving to Staples already from across the street.

We drove around during the day to the other Canadian Tire to see if they had a better selection, they didn’t but they had mini model tents, they were pretty cute. The Fish and chips place was closed for lunch so we got cheese at Camissio’s and ran into Dave’s brother, it took me a bit to figure out who he was, I never did see or talk to him much when I spent a lot of time with Dave and it has been about 2 or 3 years I guess. We stopped by the canoe launch on the Grand by the GTO gas bar and than at the other one I guess that is River Bluffs, just to scout the area so we’d know what we were getting ourselves into. While at home getting lunch we realized we didn’t have a pump for the raft. I was thinking another 60 or so would have to be thrown down for a portable one, luckily Kathy remembered that I had the pump for the air mattress and wondered about the price for those car starter things since they come with plugs to use. My pump was house powered, from there we remembered the power inverters. I got the cheap one and than quickly realized that it wouldn’t fit into my cigarette lighter because of how mine is molded into the car. Good thing I tried it out before leaving, so we got an extention for it.

Went off to get Kathy’s fishing license renewed and found out that place closed at 2, went to the boat place and got everything plugged together and than I turned on the power, it lasted about a second. I found out that the thing didn’t fit in the dash originally because I was going to plug it all together there to see if it would work. I didn’t try that when I actually could in the parking lot of the store, So back I went, got a more powerful one which did work. Unfortunately by this time I was just tired and frustrated and very cranky. There was still enough light but it just didn’t seem meant to be. We are going to try and do this Friday on my day off. Yesterday it showed no rain in the forcast, todayy there is rain clouds for every day that it is forecasted. Sigh.

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