That cat is sneaky

Twice yesterday he ran from behind me to get outside, fucking cat. The second time was around 10 at night so I was out there trying to get him in with a flashlight and a hose. The neighbours were watching me from their upstairs window thinking I was a prowler. Kathy went to bed way later than me, poor sleepy head. We didn’t go canoeing since Kathy brought up a very good point, we have no idea how to get back in if we fall out in the middle of the river. We might get an inflatable raft instead and try that instead.

At some point I ahve to check around for some sort of wires and such to block up any kind of escape for the cat to keep him in the yard. I got a temp membership at Sam’s Club to see what it is all about, so far I didn’t go through the whole place but I don’t see the appeal. A third of the store has pet food and a lot of weird odds and ends. I guess the food section is suppose to be better, we only got a little through it but I didn’t see anything that great yet. I don’t get how they can say they sell in bulk when most of the stuff is in single servings, they sell stereos and such one at a time, same with their very shitty and limited selection of music and movies. The laundry soap wasn’t in a packaging too much bigger than what you can normally get. The chips look impressive but that is it, they are way more than half full of air. Quick tip a chip weighs a gram, now you know how many chips are in a bag. The BBQ they sell in ones and were bloody expensive. The Home Depot looked pretty fancy and had a full Harvey’s. Oh well.

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