Still can’t call Portugal

granted I haven’t been trying a lot but it isn’t working when I try. I think some of the people that live near the people behind me have been evicted. There is a few mattresses on the curb and a whole lot of shit including about 7 tires, I have no idea why they have that many tires or where they would have put them.

My neck hurts, I can’t turn my head to the right without strain or pain, I can’t seem to relax the muscle. I hope icce cream will fix it. The ice cream I found in the fridge had quite a bit of ice in it and by a bit I mean a lot. Right now it is sitting in a blender melting a bit. I haven’t used this blender before, I hope it works. Kathy and I shall be getting a Monster Blizzard that has all kinds of crap in it. M&M’s, cookie dough, and all kinds of other crap. I hope the blender works. I should have had chilli instead of tuna, oh the yumminess of beans. At Zehrs they have cans of beans that are half the volume of the the regular can at a whopping 10 cents less making it 99 cents. I decided too consume more beans and let them go to waste if I wasn’t that hungry.

The cat is so fucking stupid, he is still trying to niible away at the cactus, he doesn’t seemed to have gotten hurt yet but it is the second time today he has tried that. Something wicked this way comes.

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