Catcus, the new chew toy.

Oh yeah, I did catch King Kong and my god that movie is long. It is just a weird movie, meh. My parents have already used upp all of their video tapes already, I think they brought 3 two hour tapes, I’m glad they don’t make me watch that stuff. I couldn’t call my pa for Father’s day, it kept showing up as busy, today I got the message that all circuits were full.

I hope Edmonton wins. Work seemed like a clusterfuck today, I hope I did well, I know I didn’t step up as much as I could have but I just didn’t have the time to look at anything, blah. Oh well, at least I won’t get a canoe.

When I got home, before I got inside I noticed Kitty was sitting on the window ledge looking out the front windows at me just sitting there. I got a new heater for my aquarium since the last one unexpectantly quit on me. I also picked up a two dolla cactus. It doesn’t have sharp pointy thorns, rather they are pretty fine. The cat smelled it a lot and than tried knawing at the end a few times. I hope he cuts that out. I think it will look good against the cheap bamboo.

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