I’m off

I just felt so weird today and sleepy. My eyes hurt and I am just tired. For most of the day I had a headache and I actually had a nap. Odama for gamecube will be 10 bucks in a little over a week at EB, should be fun, if I ever do play it. Kitty got a new mouse toy, it is mouse sized, well rat sized and it is kind of canvasy and chewy with stray fur that is sure to bother him. I found the jumping spider that we got weeks ago at St. Jacob’s. It has a squeeze ball that inflates a lift under the spider making it jump. Kitty likes killing it. The airbag underneathe is put in such a position that it can move forward. It is very cute when he starts attacking it, especially when it is under a flyer, he gets confused and digs.

I still can’t get the bbq up and running. I guess I’ll just use the George Foreman Grill instead, I haven’t used it before, I hope it is tastey. I found out Zellers not only sells the one model of Kayak that is there but also canoes and paddle boats and such. I’m not sure why but I am just so fascinate by it all. Wicked is coming again.

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