I did a whole lot of nothing today and it was good. I did mow the lawn today, just the front though. It didn’t look any different at all since it was somewhat underwatered so it never really grew. Oh yeah there are two special editions of The Princess Bride on DVD now, one is the dead pirate edition and the back describes it through the action in the movie, the other version is the Buttercup edition and the back of the packagaing describes the mushy side of the movie. Both have different colour schemes as well.

I never did call my dad today, well I did call but the phone was busy. I’m bad at laundry it takes me about 12 hours to do 3 loads. I’m afraid to shave, when I was at the docks I got my head pretty burnt so I don’t want to shave and have a big white chin and sideburns. I should have shaved my head again, some spots are a bit uneven.

So yeah I stayed in and played Starcraft a bit during the last few days. Nothing really to write about.

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