I burnt my foot…with the sun.

You can click on any of the pictures to get a larger version. Did an unexpected tour of St. Jacobs yesterday, Chris used a surprisingly quick way into the market. There was some interesting plants but we weren’t there for that. I was there to just hang around and look about. There was some African Tribe masks, I think I would be unnerved if they were hanging in my bedroom. Jen was interested in the build your own teddy bear bit. The cat angel was pretty cute. There was some smoked cock, crusty buns and hot chicks too! There was some John Deere hats too there. When kathy’s roommate saw the hat she just wanted it. What a farmer.

There was a little pony ride area and goat feeding pen. Basically the ponies were tied to a turn go round thing as someone gently pushed in making them move. Those little horsies looked very bored. If you like being in studio audiences you could experience it here with the as seen on TV stuff was in full force. There was a shredder thing that had Jen mesmerized, beside that was some weird lady displaying card tricks. She talked kind of slowly and purposefully. She reminded me of Roseanne’s tv mom from her show, she kind of looked like her as well. I didn’t get any pictures of her or her King of Spades sweater.

Waterloo park got the piglets back and they ran around a bit, it was pretty cute to see with their stubby little legs. The battery was gone by then. The emus were back as well. Chris tore leaves off the tree and fed the pregnant goat or the cute lil baby goats. I didn’t get to see the duckies but I suspect Jen saw a very gross bathroom.

We toured around a bit more looking for cheap bedroom furnature, I can’t think of any place to get bedroom furnature on the cheap other than liquidation world and their selection is variable and can be pretty bad. Smitty’s which we did visit was very expensive and the fashion furnature and chairs were really ugly and expensive. They had some chairs that sat one person and was really ugly for a grand. They did have a couple of nice peices though but they were still pretty expensive. I have no idea what I’ll do when I need real furnature, maybe some kind of estate sale. Liquidation world had a bunch more KFC buckets, I still need to take pictures of it, they also had Dairy Queen ones but they weren’t as cool.

When you are wearing a tiger shirt you will get laid for sure. This guy had a lot of trouble keeping the chicks off of him. He has the eye of the tiger and stuff. Kitty decided to sleep on my laundry he kept burrowing to get away from the cold, I always love watching him do stuff like that. Oh yeah I got 10 more fish and they all school together. I found out that my heater isn’t heating though. I was getting a pimp one from the local pet shop but my tank has a lip around the edge and it needed to be flat against the tank.

Kitty sure does like protecting us from the enemy. I am glad he keeps the chipmunk at bay, otherwise he could eat my nuts. Kitty is still a little afraid of him but if he run kitty’s instincts kick in and he wants to chase him. Unfortunatley when kitty goes outside now he just runs to the garden into the dirt and rolls into it really good. And he really rolls to make sure he gets all scratched.

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