My Feet Hurt

I spent a shift working in the store yesterday and my feet hurt. Owie owie. I can’t believe how mny people came in for the xmas tree and such. I remameber one person that was there waiting for the hourly specials from 6 to 10 for the pots. So creepy. She bought lotto tickets in between.

Buster was good last night. I guess he was feeling neglected deopite the fact that I walked him to his food dish at 4am. He is apprently scared of the kitten.

Time to do stuff

long day

Buster was mad at us, doesn’t like the new kitten.
Ran over a skunk roadkill and the car smells from it.
Took the car to a carwash and it wasn’t moving my car through the car wash, I stayed in the same place getting non stop soap on the car. It now smells like stinky soap hevily.
Dollarama doesn’t have any lasers and Len’s Mill is closed at 5 on Mon and Tues.


Day off

I feel relaxed, I even got to sleep in a bunch, yay. Today I’ll pick up some pictures. Why is Mrs. Buttersworth in a Geico commercial? I should have been Gordon Geico for hallowe’en, that was a clever idea, now that I saw it it is no longer clever : /.

Buster got a toy and he plays with it a lot.

I went to Hamilton for the first time yesterday, wow it looked more run down then Windsor but I was driving so I couldn’t take it all in and soak it in. It looked like it could be fun walking around main st, except for the 5 narrow lanes of traffic. I want some milkshakes.