I am tired and lazy

I dislike waking up early just to find out my ride slept in, bah. I am a lazy bum. It has been a while again since I last wrote anything. Today Kitty is being extra whiney, I think the birds are fooling around in the grass more to get their wings dry, he was talking loudly non stop for a bit.

Let’s see yesterday Katty and I saw V is for Vendetta, the movie was pretty good, they didn’t seem to cut too much from the comic. The two disc set is not really worth it though, there is something like 4 short shitty things on it that they could have crammed onto the single disc. I feel so cheated. Luckily the movie was really good. The comic was around quite a bit before so it really shows you what the government can do, it is already being done, bought and sold bit by bit. Meh. On Saturday we saw Pirate of the Caribean 2 finally, I liked it a lot as well. The ending was a bit cheap. I wouldn’t put it past Disney to keep making sequels after all the actors are sick of it. Oh well at least it is something to look forward to.

We spent a lot of time just walking around this weekend. We went to St Jacob’s on Saturday morning, we ended up getting Tetris for Gameboy for about 15 and not much else. We wandered about but it was a quicker shorter wander since we weren’t too interested in the food stuff’s. The fresh squeeze OJ though was really good. After we went to Victoria Park and wandered there for a bit. The juvenile ducks walked right up to us. I guess they are still use to being fed and aren’t afraid of people. When they walk they kind of make a sound somewhere between a peep and a quack. It seems to come out with every step they take. They were pretty cute. After talking with us the 15 or so ducks all walked to a couple under a tree and surrounded them. We were walking by the creek later and they kept swimming away and than swimming back thinking we were different people with potential food stuffs.

The park also had squirrels that can shoot lasers out of their eyes. I saw it myself they knocked a tree down on a child on the swings. The park also has old maps and pictures of the area at the turn of the century, pretty interesting to see.

On Sunday we went to Soper Park and wandered by the creek, it apparently use to have trout in it and they rejiggered the river to give it some marshes and stuff and restocked it in hopes that the trout would come back. Not sure if it worked but the water all seemed rather shallow and empty. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of minnows or anything either. The pool there also seemed close.

Well I have another trip coming up soon, not sure what the agenda will be like since we can’t quite seem to contact all the necessary parties yet. We do have a bit of and idea of where we want to go and see but no real details yet.

And of course I took a bunch of pictures and even a video of the duckies but I am too lazy to put it up now.

I am a sleep

Not really but I am really feeling it. Yay I had the civic holiday off. I don’t know why it is a holiday for some but it felt nice. Yesterday Kathy and i drove out of town just a little bit and there are a lot of very expensive houses and cars out there. Some of the places are huge, some nicely nestled into the old trees, others had all the trees cut away and it is a house on an island of grass. Later that day we fished a bit at Riverside Park and saw a blue herring. Didn’t bring my camera this time, oh well. The egyptian goose was hanging around with the other gooses, it looked cute. On Saturday it was apparently Rock the Mill, we walked about away from the ‘rocking’ which at the time was some guy playing on a recorder. We discovered the fire museum in Cambridge as well as the hours for the farmer’s market. There were letters in windows full of anger with the city. Can’t really blame them, even with all the stuff happening downtown I must say that was one very sad looking sidewalk sale and many of the places are still kind of empty.

Stopped by the flea market earlier in the day and that was pretty much dead, there was about 6 groups of people in there and maybe 12 vendors if that. Even the guy who sold meat was no longer there. The jewlery guy with a gold and jewel studded Cadalac emblem necklace was there still as well as a guy who sold Tetris for 20 dollars. On the bright side the game was thouroughly clean and like new. Someone was there selling really old audio video stuff for some fairly steep prices, a lot of the stuff looked like it should be in several garage sales for 5 dollars at the most.

On Friday Kathy finished her exam early, I wasn’t there in time to surprise her outside of her exam with her new pepper plant. We go to such classy places to eat, East Side, PFK, BK, oh yeah. Kitty hasn’t eaten the pepper plant which is good, very very good. On the down side Kitty has chewed off a branch of my cactus and has pulled Kathy’s Aloe Vera from the ground and was about to run off with it. He now has some cat grass that he cheerfully ignores.

Yesterday kitty got very scared of the vacuum it was alive and wanted to eat his soul. Kathy was stepping on the end of the tube to make it stand up as well as lift part of the tube that was over it. Kitty didn’t like that much and came closer to investigate. During his investigation the tube went down and than back up fairly quickly making him jump backwards and than scramble to get out of there. I’m sure it did not help him much that when I went over the vacuum Kathy lifted it again and I ran screaming from it tangling myself up in it a little bit. He stayed on the one side of the room sitting staring at it the whole time. A couple of times he thought about approaching it from behind the laundry basket or from under the sofa but he turned away soon after. He certainly did not like it when I picked him up and brought him towards it. Strangely enough he wasn’t scared of it when I brought it downstairs, but he was wary of the spot on the carpet where it had laid and sniffed it multiple times.

I’m in the mood for an RPG for DS but nothing to gringing or taxing like Pokemon. I don’t feel like having hundreds of meaningless battles just to raise levels. I’m dissappointed that the neew Starfox game is going to suck really badly, again. Oh well.

I mowed the lawn, the back lawn, the first time in about 3 months, there were parts of it where I really had to put my back into the mower to get it through some patches. Surprisingly I was able to cut most of it without a problem.

Hot Still

I had to watch the temperature in the car when I was driving, it was getting close to the red zone. There wasn’t many people outside today but the ones that were had arely anything on at all. I wonder what it is like in London at the moment, when we were there last the ladies seem to have worn less. My theory was due to triple the amunt of students living within a few blocks of each other competition was much more fierce, that and it was very humid there. Not sure ow well that theory pans out since U of Waterloo has many students but there never really seems to be half naked aisians running around. Than again their school doesn’t have it’s buildings as crowded as Western’s

I think I overdid typing with my hands, they feel a little off from work, oh well. I should rest them more but me typing with the computer above my arms isn’t helping much. I think the Wii may be coming out in November or so, I hope it comes sooner, garrr I wanna play.

Whopper Wednesday was a rousing success, two whoppers were had and were actually pretty good. Burger King now has a 4 beef patty bacon cheeseburger. I may try one if I am ever in a BK with Jen, I’m sure she’d have trouble believing the sight. On Sunday before Kathy and I went to Riverside Park we stopped off for Blizzards first and for the first time in a long, long while I had a medium. I was shocked when I got the cup, I thought it was a small. I should cover myself in ice cream to survive the heat.

So Hot

I had chilli today, my tummy seems to be handling it OK. Kitty’s paw is getting better. I am sleepy and I have not cleaned a thing or taken the clothes out of the dryer, they finished around 10.30 yesterday. I feel like getting a RPG for the DS, I should probably just bust out FF Tactics again.