Oh yeah

my neighbour Nelson saw me in costume and called me over. He suggested it is always a good time to have a baby, I wanted to slap him hard. Meh. I need an army of cats to keep me warm at night. Oh yeah, Chris and Jen both have cats now. Jen brought over her cat and apparently they play very well with eachother unlink Henry and Kitty. Henry follows around the other cat always wanting to know where he is and wants to be in the same room. They sleep on each other. Chris said that if Henry woke up and the other cat was making him uncomfortable he’d nip him and than lick him better.

Oh yeah I got some cat nip for Kitty. It came with a ball inside and he was biting and licking that ball like a mad kitty. He;d grab it steady with his two paws and really go at it. Some of the catnip that was on the ball fell off and he played and gathered it for quite a while flipping himself upside down right into the container of kitty litter. I spread a bit on his bed as well, even the next day he’d just constantly roll over in bed and sniff and lick it. That was entertaining. Oh and he saw an evil orange kitty outside and got a big and started breathing like he had an asthma attack. He wants to protect us.

Sometimes I am just baffled.

Try to send out a message that you have good deals and than sell laptops, used ones, that were good 7 years ago for the price of a new one. I did get some cinema tickets from there that were a fair deal, although they will take 15 days to be delivered.

About 9 people knew what my costume was. Yay. There was’t much in the way of kids around here or houses that had candy. This area kind of just died in terms of Hallowe’en. I’ll put pics up later if I remember. I have a cough now and my lungs are a bit weezy and feel watery.

It’s kind of funny how kids have to announce how much candy they have and that they have more at home. I went trick or treating with some neighbour kids. They went to a house with the light on and door open. They knocked, and the youngest was saying something along the lines of what’s taking them so long, fairly loudly and knocked on the screen door some more. She did this two more times.

Work was weird today, I observed some goats and that’s about it, didn’t feed him any smarties though.


The cat was out in the grass by the tree when the squirrels came. They were zipping back and forth through the yard and the kitty crouched down to hide. One of the squirrels got too close for his compfort so he got up and ran after it. He was tied down so he didn’t get too far. Poor scared cat. The blood thirsty squirrels were after him.

Chris has informed me that the Jessica saga is not over yet afterall. She didn’t pay her last month of rent oh so long ago and the landlord has turned it over to a collection agency. Fun times. Fuck I think I signed up origianlly with my parent number so they’ll priobably get harrassed, not that it is much better if they called on my cell.

Older Simpson Hallowe’en episodes are on. They are much better than the newer ones.

I’m not going to live in a house of evil to save a few dollars. haha.

I’m sleepy. I got to see baby rabbits at Waterloo park again. They were cute, and a pregnant goat. Also some weird turkey things that I didn’t see before. The goats were chasing after each other, it was quite a site to see, another goat was sniffing the but of the pregnant goat as she was pooping. The park was wonderfully quiet and deserted, no one was around Friday morning. I had the day off since I had my license plate transferred in the morning. We went around silver lake and found some of those historic Waterloo stands and saw the water drainage set up they had going on to keep the lake from overflowing. The lake use to have fish and boaters and swimmers. They also used it to provide ice to residents and hotels before freezers, nifty huh.

I still have to get some sort of metal putty thing to cover the rust spots on my car. I was allowed back home without it. I was pretty surprised, I thought my dad would be fussing over it until I got it. At least one of the fish Kathy gave me yesterday is dead. I am not too surprised, I didn’t really give them enough time to get use to the new water temperature. I cleaned her room up for her on Saturday while she studied. More cleaning was needed.

Sarok the Preparer cried.


For a change of pace Kathy and I did actually stuff this weekend. We were going to go to St. Jacobs Saturday which turned out to be the last day the buses were going there to check out the village. The buses never did come though, one showed up dropped off its passengers and than went out of service. When we first showed up at the bus stop we were hungry and had headaches so we stopped off to get most delicious Mozza Burgers. I had hoped that food would squash the headache and it did for my self but as I found out later in the day it did not do it entirely for my sweet. After shoving the food in our bellies quickly we went out to get on the bus again and again it did not show up so with pockets full of new Kleenex we left headed for Oktoberfest. We actually made a pit stop first at a store that sold Apple equipment because we had not before and I was curious as to what the new wares looked like. The powermacs worked very quickly and launched programs much much much faster than I have ever experienced, even compared to my new windows box. I knew that the iPod Nano was small and as thin as a pencil but I was blown away by how small it was. It is so much smaller than an iPod Mini. I want one now but I shouldn’t get one. I must remain on the path of the cheap. Blessed is this path. Oh I also want a 30″ LCD screen.

Anyways we than went down to Oktoberfest. A couple of people asked for some change for “drunkfest” which I thought were a bit funny. There always seems to be more people closer to Kitchener asking for money during Oktoberfest, otherwise they seem to be just closer to the LCBO during the rest of the year or at least the one by Bridgeport or where ever that road is. Walked around a bit, nothing too much was happening, it was still daytime though, we just ordered our sausages and left. We did catch the Kitchener Farmer’s Market just as they were closing down, oh so much produce and various strange cheeses. I want to go back another time when they are still open to see everything that is available. Not sure if we would get anything since I am not a veggie eater much but still it is nice to see. We also stopped by the Nexus Lexus which is a big nerd store. There moved upstairs and is still a nerd store with two Warhammer tables now, it has been quite a while since I have been there last. Chris actually showed me the store, I believe the comic shop next to it is gone although I didn’t actually remember to look but I am pretty sure I would have noticed it. The used game store across the street is gone too.

Oh yes while downtown we came across a fish store. Actually we would have missed it except the store use to be facing the street but I guess they had to relocate to the back of the building and still hade a paper in the window saying they moved to the rear of the building. They had a lot of nice saltwater fish and rocks. I hope they do good but from their location I am not too sure how they will do, it just isn’t visible and unless you know about it there you would not see it driving by and you’d be lucky to notice it walking by, really lucky. They also had some cute little albino frogs that I guess Kathy will pick up this weekend maybe. After this brief pit stop we headed our journey back to home to sit down and deposit the tea we had picked up at Bargains Bargains Bargains. I do not recall the flavour of it but I do remember Kathy saying it was one she wanted to try. While at home we found that we should get going in about 40 minutes in order to catch Corpse Bride at Galaxy so after watching an episode of Futurama off we went again. This time I went sans coat because I forgot it and was cold. The movie was good, I like Nightmare Before Christmas better but this one had some great scenes such as the dancing skeletons and some creative lighting. We used up the last 5 dollar movie coupon I had in the pack of them we have been using so far. I got those certificates from a Christmas about 3 years ago. At the time the cinema in Cambridge Centre wasn’t a Galaxy cinema and the closest Odeon cinema was in Kitchener and was ass. Afterwards I wasn’t too sure if Galaxy did accept those coupons.

Anyways off to the bus stop we went again, this time we encountered a chocolate wench she told us stories of people wanting chocolate to give for Thanksgiving. Back to home we went and I do not recall doing anything else. Oh wait we went to Lens Mill Store too. Actually we went from the Bus Station to the correct street but because I didn’t pay attention to silly things like N and S of streets and if we passed the building or not we stopped and started walking backwards because I thought we passed it. We made a quick detour through the graveyard. There were a lot of newer looking stones and a few older ones. There were even a couple of older stones that still had fresh flowers in front of them and a few very large family plots. We left the Cemetery and continued to head back through the street that we had just come up with the bus only to discover that we didn’t pass Lens Mill Store. After I did another check for the address in the phone book and after calling them on my cell to make sure I discovered we didn’t journey far enough so we walked up King Street until a bus picked us up so we could get dropped off as close as it could take us to our location and we than walked the rest of the way.

A few nice gardens were encountered but I guess overall they weren’t too nice since I don’t remember any of them. We did find the store and it looked tiny, I thought the selection was going to be poor but when we walked in this building had somehow hid how long it actually was. They even had those plastic tray inserts full of cookies packaged together but with no final package outside indicating stuff such as brand or ingredients and such. I wanted a cookie.

This was our Saturday adventure, some of which is out of order, yay.


My back hurts so I took work off. My back hurts when I sit, it hurts when I stand, it hurts when I lay down.

Kitty tends to sleep next to me everynight now, I think he likes me. I don’t think it is warmth he is after, I’m not sure if he actually just likes being next to me at night when sleeping, if he thinks I’ll protect him since he is a big scaredy cat, or if it is because as soon as I am awake he will got after me for some petting and scratches. I know during the middle of the night I woke up and rolled over he meowed. I’m not sure if he was checking to see if I woke up or if it was because I rolled over on him. I hope I get better soon. I have been eating oranges like I am a soccer superstar.

This week certainly just zipped by. I can’t believe it is Thursday already, yay. Inu Yasha is what I am aiming to be for hallowe’en. I still have to get the materials I need for the costume. Off to sleep.