I am just tired all the time with a belly full of tuna

I have been having trouble sleeping all night long. Sometimes I seem to get up and have trouble falling back into deep sleep again. I also can’t seem to sleep in the car anymore, I really wish I could.

I got tickets to see Finger 11, Our Lady Peace, and Sloan in Stratford soon. I’m pretty excited, it has been quite a while since I have gone to a concert.

Kathy is playing Harvest Moon at the moment, I must say it is a lot easier to play that on a larger tv than her 13″ TV. We learned a new trick with the cat, if Kathy stands by the door to the basement the cat will go onto the steps and start to meow, and meow, and meow and doesn’t quit. It is pretty funny. Just now Kitty put one of his toy mice into a plastic bag than he went across the room, picked up the other in his mouth and dropped into the bag…than attacked the bag. I’m tired, and I feel a little hungry even though I made 4 tuna sandwich’s when I came in.

I’m back

It only took me a week to write an entry. So I was gone with Kathy to her parents. My god it was hot, but than again it was hot here too, just less humid. The humidity makes a difference. I did get to go fishing for a bit, I caught a goby. I know I am amazing. We got fishing liscenses too, one lace was charging 150 each, we went to another lace that was charging 20 each.

Hmmm I dunno what to say, I waited too long to write this. We were greeted at the train station by Chaz and Leiahaeiah. I still don’t know how to pronounce her name.

Maybe I’ll write more when I can think. With pictures.

Lots of stuff

Kitty hurt his head somehow. On the kind of bald spot he has over his eyes there was a very noticable, and large red mark on it. He was also keeping that eye shut, later on in the evening h would open it a little but it resembled like it was a black eye.
We didn’t hear anything fall. The next day it was pretty much all better. The door to the basement was open a little bit more than a crack, but the cat just sat in front of the door staring at it. He usually uses his head as a wedge to get doors open since he doesn’t know how to open doors with his feet. Kathy thinks he tried doing it but he caught the door a bit so it kept wedging close as he kept shoving his face forward. Silly cat.

Happy Birthday jay.

Kathy and I went to St. Jacobs farmer’s market. despite living here all my life I have never really gone before, actually never gone before would be a more accurate statement. I was impressed by how yummy the foods looked. And the cheese my god the cheese. I especially liked the guy who had his kids wrapping up Charlie and The Chocolate factory DVDs so he can place them on his table. I think I smelled some cows too. There was a neat hopping spider thing that Kathy talked me out of buying which was good. The cat would lose interest pretty quickly. Saw some gameboy games that I thought looked pretty tempting but I was strong, and Chris was pissed since the guy at the booth would rather try to convince some dumbass, mom who has no clue buy a SNES and a couple of really cheap games for her kid than let Chris look at his PS1 games. The mom was being bitchy and asking dumb questions like is this game refurbished can you guarantee me that this game will work and will my son enjoy this 5 dollar game. In the meantime he didn’t let Chris look at the PS1 games and even had a SNES game that he was selling for $100 on the counter in the open. Chris didn’t want to spend $100 on Lufia, the mom didn’t understand why that game or any game would cost $100. It was pretty frustrating.

I can’t seem to find several of my gameboy games, it is beginning to tick me off since I have no clue where they are and it has really ticked Kathy off because she has been looking for them for quite a while. Other than that the week has been pretty straight forward and normal. I did get a chance to watch the Family Guy movie, I missed a bit of it though since I had to drop off my niece at her place of work. On the way back I saw someone with a really ugly truck for sale. He had it lowered to a car’s height and had a cover for his truck bed so it was flush with the sides of the bed and had hydroolics as well, well I guess that is why it was lowered. Near the Concession St. bridge there were a few girls walking on the sidewalk, he used his hydrolics a bit. I’m sure the women walking by got very wet very quickly over his manly display. He even turned his head afterwards to see if any of them fell on to the sidewalk with their legs spread I guess. He kept driving forward so I guess it wasn’t happening.

Oh yeah apparenly I eat an obscene amount of ice cream. I got a large Chocolate Extreme Blizzard which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate brownie or something, Chris had a medium of something else and Jen had a small of something else. Oreo stuff I think. She didn’t think I could eat it all since the cup was massive. I never realized that it was a lot of ice cream since I tend to always get a large, unless I am being cheap. I ate mine up in the same amount of time it took Jen to eat hers. I win.

Oh yeah, I finally got around to getting a broadband adapter for my Gamecube and Chris and I had multiplayer, multi-tv Mario Kart action. I love that fucking game. I especially like it when there are more players there is just so much stuff happening at the same time and so much stuff just flying across the screen that it is almost too difficult to keep track. Hopefully Chris and Jen get better at the game, I want some more competition, sweet competition yeah.

I am so bloody tired right now.