Make it stop

The music at this Subway sucks, the music itself is painfully bad. Its hard to put my finger on one part of the song that I dislike more than the rest, actually auto tuning to sound like a robot. I think I hate that part the most. From what we have learned from over using things in the 70s I would think more people would give it a second thought. Luckily when the song is over they are bad enough that they are just forgotten, part of the reason I was having trouble picking one part of the song to dislike the most. The song sounded louder than it should be, I guess its not surprising given all songs have there levels adjusted so they sound louder instead of better, sigh.

Work is work, forecasting 22 weeks and trying to put a good face to the numbers is difficult, I am a bit pessimistic to the sales plan given, they just don’t make sense and don’t jive with marketing and the current strategy, ho hum.

My head seems to be feeling better, not sure if it is from doing the maneuver and I moved my ear rocks to a better place in my head or what. Than again I felt better for a week before feeling like poop again. I guess this means road trips to Windsor are out for the next bit. I was thinking yesterday how much it would suck for my carpoolers if I had to pull over and throw up because when I get to that point I would need a break from traveling for a bit, I guess I would be walking home.

Last year I was really looking forward to getting a seasons pass to wonderland this year, especially when I found out about the new roller coaster that they are building however I am a bit more reluctant to go. Part of that is from my trouble with dizzies but part of it is from the cost, the pass itself isn’t too much comparatively but there is still the cost of gas to get there. The amount I have been paying for gas has steadily been increasing the last few months, partially through higher gas prices but also since Jay has been carpooling less. I think this was the last carpool with him today so it will be even more expensive next month. Another side effect of that is I’ll be getting less chances to sleep while being chauffeured into work.


Sigh, I woke up today rolling over to go back to sleep and wham, vertigo from rolling over to my right side in bed. Had it happen a few more times from rolling on one side to another, I thought I was getting better. When I actually did got up I again felt very nauseous and it was a chore getting dressed without wanting to throw up. I was disappointed since I thought I was well on my way to getting better. I am worried that tis will be something that I can’t hake and will be with me for life. It didn’t help that I wanted to get up early to see if I can win a $500 gift certificate from Henry’s. My stomach eventually calmed down bit I was feeling carsick as we drew close, unfortunately we couldn’t make it all the way there and Katty had to pull over in front of Home Depot where I promptly got out and threw up in front of the store. I threw up about 5 times in front while people were walking int the store, a few were looking at me with curiosity, was I really that hammered from last night? At least the puking was over quickly and relatively painlessly, I had a few glasses of water in the morning since I was also feeling dehydrated in the morning so 4 of them were clear, pretty much just water, the fifth had a bit of bile and crackers that I had for breakfast. I never threw up just water before, I am sure it must have been an interesting sight, from what I could see it was! Just a stream of water coming out of me like from a TV show. We ended up waiting in line for a cold, windy hour.

The winds today were pushing 70 but could gust up to 90 km/h, and it started to snow. A guy in front ended up getting the $500 certificate, he apparently won last time as well. I was no too clear but I think he may have been a winner 3 times. Oh well the odds were good so it was worth a try. I was surprised by how many people were lined up already since we arrived with an hour to go. I was also surprised to see that some guy was in line with a hoodie and shorts, no coat, not much of anything else, except for a baby and a stroller. That kid must have been freezing, with an hour more to go. I think after about 30 minutes he took his kid to the car. I had an uneventful drive back and felt fine, Katty went back later in the day to get a filter for me since the store wasn’t open yet and I wasn’t sure what size I needed.

I got a few more vertigo spells while laying down moving my head to the side, almost threw up there. I got annoyed especially since the nasal spray didn’t seem to be helping anymore so I tried out something the Dr. mentioned he would try if it didn’t go away. The epley maneuver is pretty much lie back and twist your head quickly to dislodge the ear rocks and get them to go back where they came from. I gave that a couple of tries and I was completely disoriented when I sat back up. Sadly the delicious pulled pork that was made had to wait even longer, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down. Oh this is what I have by the way, BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO
Pretty much a calcium build up broke off and floated towards the parts of my inner ear that detect motion. Usually the build up will get reabsorbed by the body in a couple of months but the website had one troubling stat, this can reoccur within 5 years. So now I am not sure if I should get a season’s pass to wonderland, sigh. I was really looking forward to it this year but I am worried I might have other ear rocks floating around. Don’t even know where I got the current ones that are floating in there, it mostly comes from hitting your head or age, I haven’t done either.