Salt Water

I have never been in salt water before and I must sayit is so neat, I wish I learned how to swim in that rather than a motel 6 pool. I still can’t swim well but it is nice knowing that I wonºt drown immediately. Iºm more likely to drown becuse my flippers keep flying to the surface.

Anyways I donºt think my parents or sister are impressed with me, I have spent the majority of my time indoors laying down because I donºt really feel like doing anything which is exactly what Iºd be doing if I was on vacation at home. Now I can point to this and say when Iºm on vacation Iºd rather do absolutely nothing.

Meh, the water is fun though, I think I have only taken like 50 pictures far less that I was predicting but there is nothning truly awe inspiring for me, some stuff is kind of neat but overall everything looks like everything else.

Almost siesta time so I have to get going.