Scary Liquidation Thongs

No I didn’t buy any, click on the above pictures to enlarge/enrage them. The location of the factory on the basket is amusing though. They should name street names around here like that, I think everyone would be a little bit happier and have a bit more spring in their step if they did. Oh yes take a turn on Rainbow road but go down as far as Superlucky Street, if you see Unicorn Way you have gone too far. I changed the header on the top, it is kind of ugly and doesn’t fit with the rest of the site very well but it is OK for now, I just wish I could find where to change the link colours at the top, I think I did but I thought there was an easier place to change it.

I am bored again today, I watched Inuyasha while riding an exercise bike and than went outside to take some pictures. Even if you convince yourself that you’ll only be out there for a short while you should still wear gloves. When we were done setting up and before even taking any of the pictures my hands were freezing. When I came it they hurt even more than when I was outside. Brrr, so I went out after playing with a candle with gloves on this time.

When at liquidation world I guess someone left there car in the lot and it got snowed in and they had to drive it out. It looks pretty covered on all sides too.

The Amazing Spider-Man is feeling a bit under the weather. Can you “operate” and make him better? His Spider “Cents” is all a mess. and a Costume Wedgie is causing him stress. A Broken Web Shooter has got him in a tizzy and those Mary Jane Jitters are making him dizzy! Grab the tweezers and try with all of your might to steer clear of the sides and avoid lighting the light!

The above is what Hasbro’s site has to say about Spiderman. I thought I blogged about it before but I guess I haven’t there are a few more things that you have to pull out of him that are pretty weird, bah.

I got my neice kicked out of here in record time today. She wasn’t listening to me and being rude so when she wanted to play PS2 I told her no and she cried and cried and cried and eventually had to go. I guess she had a photoshoot for something because she had a whorish anmount of make up on and they were quite concerned that it would have gotten ruined.

Heh my mom wants to take some of the ducks to portugal now to mark off the top of the driveway. Oh and for thos reading this on LJ or facebook hit up to see the pictures I included in this post if they didn’t publish and to see the duck I am talking about.

I Choo Choo Choose You

Katty went home yesterday on the train, it ended up running 25 minutes late and a massive swarm of people went on it from Kitchener. Today I am so bored, I don’t feel like doing anything (especially my homework) going anywhere, playing anything, watching tv or anyhting. Sigh. And the cat is too cold to play. Well he will play I just don’t feel like moving. I really should get at least some of the problems done and play a little DDR at least.

I kind of thought I’d go out for a bit today but I just don’t feel like it. Usually for lunch I wouldn’t have brought one so I would have to out and fight the cold to go to a nearby food place, and it is damn windy. Oddly enough my last trip out I ended up not bothering to put on my gloves or zip up my coat and I didn’t feel the least bit cold, other than my exposed hand holding on to my pop. There is so much to do right now, I just don’t want to do anything. Well maybe get my tv but it feels like that would involve effort and I get an E for effort.

Bah the internet is too boring today, I’ll start some problems I guess..

Bad day today

Today started off kind of bad, went to the car and the check oil light was on, the temperature outside was around -15C, -30 with windchill so I just drove to my parents house to let them figure it out since it was still 6am and since the light in my hood doesn’t work I wouldn’t be able to see a fucking thing in there anyways. The window begins to fog up and my heat isn’t working because it is too cold so to get rid of the fog I open the window, this method works wonderfully, a little chilly but I seem to have hardened up quite a bit.

On my drive to Cambridge the Check Engine light comes on too now, oh joy. A few years ago I blew the engine in my dad’s car. I had the radio on pretty loud since at the time my car didn’t have a working radio and the oil pump stopped working at somepoint while on the highway so I was forcing it to work going 120 until I got off. The engine shut itself off as soon as it went to idle speeds. It didn’t shut itself off as a safety feature, it shut itself off because it was seized. If you are wondering why I was driving his car, it is because a few days before that I blew the transmission on my car at the time.

Anyways when I saw that check engine light come on I assumed that due to the cold that another part of my car decided to stop working, in this case the oil pump. It turns out that my car apparently burns oil at a very slow rate and it was empty. I had an oil change a few weeks previous. I had a similiar experience a few months ago but it didn’t seem to have come back so I just chalked it up to a fluke and an improper oil change. So now I drive a hybrid car, a gas/oil powered car. How sexy. After all this when I got dropped off at home I went to drive it to Waterloo the check coolant light comes on and fight as I might I couldn’t get the damn cap off so I took it as a sign drove to my parents house and just gave up on going to Waterloo today. Fucking car. Could have been worse all things considered, especially since the car still runs despite running 30 kms this time with low/no oil and 100 km previously in the same manner.

It really sucks when it is freezing and dark out. I even have a flashlight now so I can check the damn oil every morning before I head out. Also I couldn’t find any clean t shirts and wore Katty’s and I broke the button off of my pants pretty damn early in the day, that really made me feel like a fat slob.

Work was interesting at least today, a little fast paced in the morning since I had to get a fair bit of information quickly since I didn’t know about it Friday morning when it was originally discussed.

Kitty missed me, he was so excited when he saw me, he was looking through the blinds meowing and than purred when I picked him up. I haven’t slept here for a bit so he has missed me. I am sure my parents will be happy that he will stop trying to get into their room in the morning.

I have been shopping around for a GPS lately, I have really just started. Damn those things can get pricey, there are some that are relatively cheap that basically just have the coordinates that you are at and an arrow pointing you towards the destination that you chose. I had more in mind the type that would actually show a map with trails or the river if available and contour lines to figure out where I was going and to show a route better. Still they do cost more, I better get my ass out there more.

I got my first assignment back yesterday, my group got 18/18 yay. From looking quickly at the solutions posted I can see why, we put in steps and schedules and everything. The toughness is starting to pick up with trying to value mixed instruments like bonds that come with stocks or detachable warrants and such. I really should be doing my homework, unfortunately my books today are at Katty’s since I expected to get my self back to Waterloo. It took a bit longer than normal for me to get to Waterloo yesterday so I didn’t get to see Kathy before class, I did get to see her after her class during a break in my class. I think I only have 9 more classes to go, it feels so short. If I was taking taxation the midterm would have been for next week. Kathy has been taking my iBook to class lately since her macbook has been making a whining sound, so far the tech hasn’t been able to replicate the sound but will be exchanging the screen anyways since he noticed the middle of the screens back light isn’t as bright as it should be. We both have noticed this before but I thought it was just the lighting in her room and my eyes but he had the option of putting it side by side. Kathy did get to talk with the person actually doing the repair and gave him more information to help replicate the sound. Even though this laptop went back within it’s first year I think Kathy is much happier with the warranty service she has experienced so far. She didn’t have to do 2 hours of random installing uninstalling software and hardware for two hours like the Dell techs made her do and got to speak with a person almost from the get go on the phone. I’m not sure how long her call lasted but mine for a different issue was 5-10 minutes. Also she gets to drop it off locally where she can actually have contact with the people doing the repair and take responsibility for it, not just some faceless slob.

Still it did need to get a repair. Oh well at least it wasn’t dead, she was living with it for a month before she finally took it in.

Cheese and Nachos

Applebees nachos will not impress you at all, they are sad, small and flat. The cheese is good. One of my cheese sticks was actually 2 together, it was doubley yummy. The best part was that I didn’t almost die eating one this time. And of course I can’t find my previous entry of when cheese fell in my throat. I do talk about cheese a lot though.

I like watching these house shows that are always on just to see what a nice yard looks like. I’m not sure if I could do one, I wouldn’t want to actually spend the money on making it look nice. I kind of want to get a GPS to go geo caching with, It would give my summer walks and bike adventures that I plan on having actually giving it some goals. Oh well, as long as it isn’t skating. Katty should be glad she hasn’t hopped into bed yet, I am keeping it quite warm with my toots.

I still have three homework problems to do and read and make notes for the next chapter and prepare for the pop quiz next class.

Ordered a new desk online, looks OK ish, nothing fancy but functional and is well worth the 60 bucks that was paid for it.

Time for sleep.

I never learned to skate

Katty went skating yesterday for the first time in years while I did homework watching her make her way around the boards. Apparently we should go sharpen the skates next time.

Kitty misses me because he is a good loyal kitty. My parents went to someone’s house who has a cat, when they came back he sniffed their coats and started doing this loud and long meow to flush out this other cat that he thought came with them. He didn’t stop meowing, eventually my parents put him in the basement to quiet him down. When they let him out he went to smell the coats again and began meowing for the cat. I’m sure my dad was very pleased.

I am behind in my homework now I have to play catchup, I am sure that there’ll be a quiz on Monday.