9am and there is piss on the floor and the guy leaving the stall with tissue paper in hand doesn’t seem to have much regret or shame as he dumps the tissue into the garbage bin. Even with cleaning he still leaves piss on the end of the toilet removing all doubt that it was indeed him who in some sort of toilet seat phobia had his piss end up all over the floor soaking the tiles and darkening the grout.

He is definitely worse, much worse than the guy who is bracing himself against the wall while peeing in the urinal moaning/grunting the entire time and flushing the urinal 3 times. Not sure if he needs the water sound to help him pee or if it is to mask the groans coming from him.

I had a relaxing weekend for a change, well I guess most weekends are relaxing really, so I guess it was more of a don’t leave the house weekend. The only time I left was for a brief walk with Kathy through a local trail and to Mohawk raceway for fireworks. I was planning on seeing fireworks at Waterloo and New Dundee as well however at the last moment I realized the fireworks in Waterloo was really in Conestoga at a park that had almost no parking and on Monday I just didn’t want to put a shirt on. Mohawk was interesting though, everyone was parked on the side of the road so we did as well, I thought it was because the parking lot and the stadium was full but apparently not, most people just parked there for a quick getaway, oh well. The show was nice, and it was neat to see some of the fireworks, a couple of them came out as smiley faces.

This weekend with the warm weather we got some steaks for BBQ. I believe it is the first time we bought actual steaks, most of the time we just get the thinner fast fry steaks to make up on a pan. We also tried experimenting with a rarer cook than usual. One of the steaks came off the grill and onto the plate still bloody to the point where I let it bleed out and got another plate. They were quite thick though, the last one made was really delicious, the other two were OK but weren’t super or anything. At least the BBQ got a bit of a workout and didn’t catch fire. The hardest part was figuring out what sides to have with them, I like potatoes and that would normally be my go to side but it has starch which is apparently my enemy, leaving not much else. I could have rice, I had a small amount of noodles the one day. Kathy had asparagus which I wouldn’t touch, sigh.

shoe hulk

I got some new shoes during Bay Days, nothing spectacular and the sale prices were similiar to other stores in the mall for the same shoes. Thank gosh for my discount. I was looking at some of the more expensive ones that were on sale for $100 but I wasn’t sure how much better those shoes were. I see online people commenting that $300 shoes are worth the investment but my gosh that is like 5 pairs of shoes, and I am hard on my shoes, kicking corners, scuffingn dragging my feet. The new shoes caused some blisters that made me limp for a couple of weeks and made my toes feel squished. They are alright now. Some shoes were so pointy and ugly though, with buckles too. I am guessing womany since they looked like they just squish your toes to a point. I don’t know who would want to do that.

I like flexing my feet in my shoes to stretch them. Makes me feel like shoe hulk

I played dominion finally, that game is a lot more fun than I expected with much more variety as well. Since you just use 10 of the 25 decks in the game you can mix and match a lot and have completely different strategies to play it. There are expansions but the base game has so much variety that it can take a while to play all combos.

Free Comic Book Day came and gone, picked up a few issues. I also got heroclix, it was a bit more than I thought to start but there is a variety of gameplay options and getting additional pieces are cheap. I didn’t realize the rules were complicated though, I gues not complicated but there is a lot of colour coding involved to know what powers you have available. I had a pretend run through of a game and it was fun.

I should get back to work, I need to try and make a few lunches a week, I guess it is a reasonable goal since just going completely to making lunches all the time is too bothersome.

Some good days

There are some good days and bad days with work. Some days it feels like I am making an impact and a positive change. Most of the time it feels like there is too much work and too much to manage and not enough time. At least I’m not the only one feeling that way not that it makes it any better on the days that I come home at 630, about 12 hours after I leave.

Heh I wrote that a month ago and forgot to finish it