Nacho review for Boston Pizza

Not that great and not that many. Waitress was really good though.

My camera has been giving me weird errors latley but it may be just due to low battery. It could also just mean the flash card is dieing. Meh, it happens when it happens. I finally got some dirt for all the pots I got at sample sale, well maybe not all pots but at least a couple so we will be able to transplant some flowers when they begin to expand.

It is one of my nieces birthday’s today. Maybe I should have got her a gift instead of getting myself Yoshi’s Island and Mario and Luigi Superstar at Zellers yesterday. They were 50 bucks together. Damn my moment of weakness, I think Kathy was trying to lead me out of the store without passing the video games, she failed. Cambridge Centre needs a dollar store again.

All that and a plate of ice cream cake

Kathy had her birthday yesterday, was lots of fun, I just wish it went longer, damn work and well society requiring money to live in it. We went to the noodle hut which is near school, they have some very delicious chicken balls, soooo good. They don’t take debit, just cash and One Card. The chicken balls were good. After we walked over to DQ and got a birthday cake, I was going to bring one over when I came but Kathy was hanging out at school instead of at home. All was good though. For an extra 4 bucks you can get the larger size cake, we only had to pay 3 more because it was a dollar off.

Yes I try to be cheap.

I have not been eating my lunch at work much lately, sometimes I’d just have one sandwich, sometimes, like the last two days, I just forget to eat. I’d only really notice that I am hungry by the end of the day and by than it’d be too late. I have to remember to bring my DS tomorrow since I will have to stay a little bit later for a meeting and than I am staying much later since John is going jogging after.

I can’t believe how much time flies sometimes, I don’t feel like I have been home for very long and it is already 8, than again I did go to wopper Wednesday and than looked and shopped a bit at the dollar store. That reminds me I have a cheque that I need to cash.

Kitty got in trouble, at some time in the morning he decided to jump on top of the fridge. I never knew he could do that, hell I have only seen him jump up on the counter three times. I don’t know what he was doing up on the fridge but it seems that when he went to jump down his tail may have knocked over a vase with a narrow bottom making it break on the floor below. Kitty stood next to it after with one ear forward and another backwards meowing until my parents came. I don’t think they were too pleased.

He was apparently very whiney yesterday afternoon as well. Since I went straight to see Kathy without stopping by first he kept running around looking for me expecting me to show up soon. He just loves me. When I did get home around 12.30 he meowed and snuggled up in bed with me and used my elbow as a pillow until I rolled over.

I may be seperated from Kathy for a whole week, maybe longer in May since I don’t feel comfortable asking for time off right when I start in a new Dept. Someone else in the area has the week off as well so I don’t think it would have been wise anyhow. Hopefully Kathy will get her summer schedule soon and we can go during the summer at some point.

I need to get some sleep, in the morings I just pass out in exhaustian when going to work.


Kathy and I took a little get away to Michael’s to help occupy the cat and relieve a bit of stress. I am fascinated by those shadow boxes but I have no idea what I would do with it if I got one so in the store it stays. There is a lot of scrapbooking stuff. I love how they sell ‘scrap’ paper that are just various sized squares packaged and sold by the pound. Since I am not a woodsmith and fear losing my fingers too much I opted for one of those premade by the chinease bird houses and feeders. If the chinease wanted to take over they could fit anything made in their country with a tiny microphone and an explosive, we would all be gone. We than went to look for a some paint so we can have the prettiness and snobbiess birds to move in and feed. I never realized that craft paint cost so much money, I guess I am paying the price for exact colours but my god 50 bucks for 6 colours was a bit more than I expected. We luckily found some paint that was a bit cheaper at 2.99 and left with it. Oh we also left with a couple of clay pots to decorate at a later time to encourage more greeness. Oh yes, Michael’s has the cutess mini shopping carts!

Last night I went out painting the feeder and Kathy went and painted the house today. We did get a lighthouse as well but we are saving that one for later, Kathy’s parents are into lighthouses. It is kind of neat, it is a birdhouse as well and you can also fit a tea candle in in as well.. Oh can you guess which one I made and which one Kathy made? You can click on any of the links for a bigger image.

Needless to say Kathy has talent and mine looks like it was made by my attention deficit 5 year old niece, wait maybe she is 6, whatever. I just know mine will repulse the critters that my cat enjoys looking at. We were going togo bike riding instead but I kind of wanted these up sooner rather than later and the turkey was making me feel weird.

I think I should move this tv in this room into the basement so my nieces won’t bother me so much and they could play Sims on PS2 to their hearts content and they can fight over and cry about the game until their hart’s content as well. Wait, that last sentence was not proper, neither is this one. The weather was nice a little cold with the wind but quite nice with a hoodie. I was tempted again to get a Canon S2 but after going into the store I realized that Future Shop’s Easter sale was pretty much a scam and the camera was not a 150 off as they claimed, maybe 150 if the extra memoryt card they included in the package was very expensive. Saving money is nice, too many cash outlays lately and I still haven’t done taxes, maybe I’ll pay them this year.


Work is fun and good. I think I’d still prefer to get money without having to do anything but oh well. What a busy week and I didn’t even update once, and of course I probably forgot about most of what has happened to me. My disgusting nieces have not only coated my gameboy SP in chocolate but they have also done the same to some of my cds, good thing I didn’t delete those files as well. I got a cute little tri pod but I haven’t used it yet. I need to get a little level guage and duct tape it onto it. I thought it was just a small little desk tri pod but it is actually extendible up to 40 “, I didn’t realize until after I took it home. Last week Food Basics had cheese on sale so we adventured over there to aquire said milk product. While there we discovered that somebody stole some pork. Not the packaging for the pork though, they stole the meat inside and left behind the packaging.

When Chris saw that picture in my Camera he immediately realized what store we were at. He found the same thing but this time the missing item was in the zip lock bag aisle instead of the cookie aisle. Than we drove home. Driving with Kathy is an electric experience with swaying lights. I dislike our Sunday night ritual where I take her home and say good night to her at some point in time. If only I didn’t require sleep, some day this shall happen. Or better yet someday I won’t have to say good bye on Sunday night but rather good night. I look forward to the day. Yesterday night a feast was held, well sort of, I was hungry and didn’t eat chineease earlier in the day. Didn’t really matter since I would have been hungry by that point in time at night. Brokeback Montanas has really good and filling nachos. I still feel large from eating them. Lots of beans and assorted items were heaped all over them in a delicious manner. Actually all the food served to us that night looked good enough to eat. There water tastes like ass, even a lollipop stick wasn’t able to fix that and the lemon wedge that was in there would have wilted away and died if it stayed in there. I tossed it into the nearest drink to me that wasn’t my drink, since the nearest drink to me was mine. While at Montana’s I heard stories about strippers and unexpected birthday parties. Not many of us at teh table remembered much from our Geography courses, namely put a legend on your map so people from any time can read and understand your map. This map could have been an archeological find of where some concrete barriers once existed. We than entertained our selves taking pictures of our twins and well making out with fish.

Family Guy was pretty funny today. I was at Food Basic’s earlier, someone stole a package of pork, actually just the pork not the packaging or styrofoam. Come to think of it the store smelled a bit off, I think some meat was probably hidden elsewhere in the store. I want to see what the results for a road GPS system that gives directions while it is being used on a boat.

I made a pretty shitty bird feeder, I’ll be hopefully making a better one tomorrow. My neice wanted me to teach her how to play poker since she got some chips. The chips she has are actually a lot better than mine, not that they are pro level or anything but better than I expected a case of pink chips would be.

I can’t believe how much gas has jumped in price lately. : /


I have been so sleepy this week. I need my hour back and I seem to not be able to get it back. I am very tired in the morning as well. Thank da lord I only had to drive once this week, I don’t know how but I am sure I’d drive into a tree on the 401. I have worked for a week in my new job, I like it so far, I just am not 100% sure what I am suppose to be doing since everyone has been busy preparing for high level meetings. Next week should run smoother.

I don’t know really what to say, I am lying in bed right now because I am too damn tired to do anything else really.

I met up with Kathy mid week and we feasted on Whoppers on Wednesday, she has an exam Saturday so I will be doing her laundry and such so she can focus. Her room is quite a mess.

Use your nails boys

Kitty smelled weird yesterday and he was shedding a little bit so I thought I would go ahead and give hime a little bath. He didn’t like that a whole lot. As long as I held him by the collar he wouldn’t fuss overly much except when I dare bring the water spout on to him.

His claws were quite apart so he really wanted to get away. An hour later his back half was still wet, even with him getting two towelings and soaking my clothes in order to keep him warm. Such a gentle creature normally. A sleepy character who stops and smells the flowers and sometimes claims ownership of them all.

He has a weird habit of burrowing too. A bit later he ran upstairs and burrowed under the sheets of one of the beds to keep warm. In the last photo above he burrowed into one of my sweaters. When I made a noise going to bed he popped his head up through the neckhole and just started looking at me. Such a cute kitty. Yesterday He was laying down and he just kind of pounded his head on to the blanket that he was using for a pillow. I bet he learns that from me, I always just lie down and find something to use as a pillow and just rest. At work I put my feet up on a shelf and lean back and slouch (since the chair doesn’t lean back much) and work like that. I like being in a relaxed position.

Back to the cats. Kitty was tied up for a bunch of the day and harrassed by the children. He was pretty restless inside so he got petted and scratched a lot outside. He still meowed a lot to be let back in. He gets lonely sometimes and sure does enjoy it when you go downstairs with him. Sometimes he will lead you to his dining area or poop area and expect you to do something. Sometimes he just comes down hoping you’ll play with him or go hiding behind a curtain.

Tetris DS is suppose to be a lot of fun with a lot of extra players. Kathy was playing 4 player and she seemed to have enjoyed it, I was watching the Battlestar Gallatica mini series. It was pretty good. I should go about shaving now since I won’t have time to later and it is starting to become a real nusance while eating.

Oh yeah, all of the pictures can be clicked on to get you a little bit of a bigger version.

Time for sleep.


When I first got my iBook I didn’t get the additional Ram because of the expense but after almost 4 years I finally have, yay. I was actually contemplating not getting it since this computer also needs a new battery. Well I guess it doesn’t need a new battery but the current one only lasts for about 10 minutes. Now it has about 640 MB of RAM and it is flying once again, as much as it can I guess. I got to have a good look at the new MacBook Pros and my god are they thin.

I am still hunting for a camera. I think I may choose either a Canon S2 or a S3 when it comes out. Maybe, I am not 100% sure yet but they are my most likely bet, at least at this time. It is hard reading the review sites since just about every camera that isn’t a SLR it says it has too much noise over 200 ISO. I think that it would only be noticable if printing stuff large or viewing at 100% on the screen. The only ones that seem to avoid this doom is Digital SLRs which are just way more than I want to spend, and much larger than I would really like to carry around. Panasonic has a really neat camera that also allows for manual focus but apparently all of their camers have terrible noise due to the chip they use. My eyes are bad so I shouldn’t be doing manual focus anyways. Also it uses a proprietary battery which I want to stay away from. In Guelph I can get 4 rechargable AAA batteries for under 5 bucks, I’m sure they carry AA for the same price if not better. The place is Tri Star Trading on Dawson Road if you were curious.

I finished work in my dept Friday, it was bittersweet for me. I am sad to leave, especially my old boss since she was the one who hired me and I guess took a chance on me since my skills at interviiews rather suck. I’m nervous going into the new area since I fear that I may stumble since I will have to learn a large variety of tasks and new systems in a short time. I will continue on with my attitude though, make sure I do my job to the best of my abilities and to increase my abilities to make damn sure that they never regret hiring me, not even for a moment. I finished up all of my tasks in the previous area, so hopefully the person who is taking over won’t screw up stuff that badly and blame it on me or something.

Yesterday I dragged Kathy with me around to a few stores to look at cameras, we did get a few pens for her, she does love her Uniball’s. We also got Tetris DS. That game is frustrating, mostly because I suck at it but shit. Kathy seemed to be able handle the game easily and handicapped herself to keep things competitive but I kept on losing. I felt like throwing my DS across the room. Shi-at. I was tempted to get Yoshi’s island now that they reduced the price on it but I just don’t feel like playing anything anymore.

Now my hands are idle, I don’t feel like playing with clay, I don’t have anything Buick related to write about, don’t really have anywhere to go, gas is expensive, and Kathy is busy studying so I don’t want to go heading out to places with her. What the hell am I going to do? I have to pick out stuff since I really want to set up my old pc as a RAID storage area and such but that can wait until the funds come in.