Zombie eat

Last night I left London with Kathy probably about to pass out from her drug high. It has been a while since I drove down that highway at night, it is a sad road full of tears. Fog too. I really hate not being able to cuddle with Kathy everynight. The last few nights I was actually sleeping on the floor since she had her wisdom teeth pulled out and I didn’t want to headbut her during the night or superman her or something.

Last nighht even though I was in a semi comfy bed I still ended up tossing and turning most of the night. I was surprised when the alarm did go off, it felt like I was awake the entire night but it also felt like I just went to sleep. Evidently I did fall a sleep during the night inbetween the waking up and rolling over in bed again and again. I was informed that Kitty missed me so much he decided to run very noisily around the house at night up the stairs and than immediately down the stairs. I guess it is his way of making sure there aren’t any other cats hiding in the house.

All day I felt like a zombie but not the normal brain eating one, or the kind that emits power cosmic from his mouth. My brain didn’t want to do much of anything today, I just went through the motions waiting until I could go to sleep again. By my calculations chocolate milk would have fixed me up alright but I didn’t want to get any, chocolate milk is expensive and getting wisdom teeth has an even heftier tab, have to save the pennies. Part of it to was just out of laziness, I didn’t get any water to drink despite it being free and having an empty 4L resevoir on my desk to fill.

This weekend in London I did discover the long lost liquidation world, it was a serious dump. On the way from it (I think) there was a beer store with a drive thru. I can’t for the life of me remmeber where I ssaw it. Maybe I had a very vivid dream.

Even with all the yuckiness and weird feelingness can still be glad that it won’t be much longer until Friday.

Oh well time is up
I shaved myself with a blade
Rusty razor blade smooth.

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