It’s been a while

I went on a bus tour, hopping from bus to bus. My legs hurt. Yesterday Kathy and I went to the Ovation Music Festival where we saw Finger 11, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, Hedeley, and Frontier Index. They were all really good. The crowd was smaller than I expected which was quite OK since I was a little worried about how large the crowds were but they were actually quite small. The field we parked in was very easy to get out of, I was so happy about that. I think some people smoked weed at the even. For the first 3 performances Kathy and I sat out in the field but it began to grow colder so we moved in to the crowd for the last three hours for Finger 11 and OLP. Sooo much fun. My neck hurt the next day a little, my eyes as well but that is probably due to all the squinting since the sun was going down behind the stage. There was a New Orlean’s Pizza stand there, they were having pizza delivered in, 13 dollars for a medium, and it was such a good pizza. It was so soft and warm, I just wanted to eat the whole thing as soon as I had my first bite.

Kathy really enjoyed it. Lots of fun was had.

I can’t think of anything else to write about, I should write more often. The one guitarist for Finger 11 plays his guitar very recklessly, it was fun to watch.

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