I worked for a week

It’s been a while.

A full week of work has gone by. I don’t think I have learned anyone’s name yet but it has been fun. The first day just seemed so overwhelming, now not so much. There is still a lot more to learn. The job seems fairly tme consuming so I am not too sure how I am going to find time to catch up completely let alone learn other things that will help me rise in position. For now though I am quite satisfied and happy.

I’ve been taking care of my sister’s house for a week now, every other day I would come by and play with the cat. She is such a sweety. She is about 17, her bones ache and her eyes well up wth tears if you pet her on a painful spot by accident or if one of the evil children try picking her up. Usually she just kind of lies there while you pet her for half an hour, after that she starts to growl signalling that the time of petting her is over.

My nephew brought back a rocket from his trip, he even put it together, although it looks to be a bit on the small side. Oh apparently it i’t quite working yet

Got to go to Moose on Friday, damn good nachos again, and again I forgot to say no onions. Also forgot to bring my sportsworld tokens again. I have a hankering to play mini golf, I saw some people playing it Saturday afternoon when I was driving by. Swung by the houses beside the 401/Shantz Hill exit. Quite a few nice houses, especially in the older area.

Stigmata is on, I missed a bunch of the story but it just looks like such a shitty movie, meh. There seems to be a preist conspiracy or something.

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