The cat kicked me in the head. It was right around the time that I was holding him up in such a way to emphasize how long he was, immediately after I started singing my cat is my hat song, when I decided to start acting out the song.

Kathy got some ickky scary thing.

Had a BBQ at Chris’s it was quite the popular event. Played a bit of Mario Kart 64. I didn’t realize til than that double dash has spoiled me. Nintendogs is in our near future. It is a DS game where you play and raise dogs, kathy wants the miniature dog title.

Oh god now Kitty is playing with it.

The cat is so whiney that it is almost funny. I am sure if my dad was here now he would yell at the cat to shut up and than curse him, immediately after the cat would look at him and meow one more time.

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