Gingie is dumb. Plain and simple. He is a Guinea pig and he pretty much pees and poops all over his cage. They usually pick a spot in their cage to use as the bathroom but this one keeps shifting his spots around. At first it looked like he chose the side of the cage which is really weird since it wasn’t a corner and his igloo would be in some of that area. Last time the cage was changed it went about 10 days without a changing since Kathy was sick and it had cedar chips which are grosser than the paper stuff. I guess he was really grossed out by that so since then he has actually learned a bit and has picked an area for his poop and has mostly kept his poop from getting into his food dish.

He is still dumb though. He doesn’t know how to drink water from his water tube thingy. He constantly gnaws at the tube from the side than gnaws down the whole thing like a cheap whore, gets a little water and than does it all over again. It isn’t becuase he likes chewing since when he does this he does go in for the drink and his old water bottle was attached to the cage empty. After a couple of days when he realized that it wasn’t going to give him water he never touched it again. It doesn’t sound like much but it is really annoying at 2am.

I was just staring at him going through his routine to drink and just thought I must be staring at him really oddly. Than I remembered something my neighbour told me once. One of his cousins acted kind of dumb and sounded lazy. Like if you asked him to put his chair back he would say in a lazy kind of way, ooh Oh Kay. Anyways my neighbout told a mutual friend at the time who came by a lot that he was retarded. Whenever his cousin was around the MF would just kind of stare with his mouth open at my neighbour’s ‘retarded’ cousin. It didn’t help that he said or did stupid things, but it was pretty funny to watch and see him interact with him. Oh well. I’m not sure if he ever was told the truth.

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