feeling glum

I feel depressed and excluded today at work, which is kind of good since I have
to finish up my stuff, especially since it seems like a storm is coming
in today, meh. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and am underused. Part
of this is a blessing in a way since I can have time and try and do
stuff for my self but the downer is I doubt it’ll hellp in the end. Meh

Oh well Friday after the snow storm was pretty good and I had delicious tacos yum yum. Oh and Gingie never did learn anything. After cleaning out his cage yesterday Kathy found that there was a big pee spot that was shaped like his igloo, so he still pees where he sleeps. He also peed and pooed on his edible bridge :/
I’ve been looking more and more at digital SLRs. I am pretty surprised that Sony ones actually seem to be pretty good. I mostly find this surprising since their video game systems and TVs and such would be high on the price and stiny on the features, not so here, it is quite the refreshing change. I like that it has the image stabilization built into the camera and not the lens, so I can but any lens later without having to pay a premium for IS. The pictures looked really good from what I saw. Pentax is another camera with the stabilizer built into the camera, unfortunatley the pictures aren’t nearly as good which is quite a shame since they use AA batteries which would have been a real treat since I have about 20 rechargables. Another plus for the Sony is that everyone doesn’t say the starter lens that it comes with is horrible. Even with all that it looks like Canon still edges out the Sony Alpha a little bit but they do seemed priced higher, especially since the image stabilizer is built into he lens. I’m mostly worried about that since my hands are pretty shakey even on the best days.

Maybe I am just worried about money too much. I do want to go up and make more, actually I feel like I have to. House orices are scary unless you want to live by the rail road tracks. I lost the 6/49 on Wed so I guess I have to try making it. Oh and Scotia Bank Mutual Funds suck ass.

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