Nothing Happened to me in 2011

Apparently, I was just looking at my posts and I didn’t make any posts in 2011. If I was doing a 365 days thing such as not posting for a different reason each day than I succeeded, YES!!!! This is what success feels like.

2011 started with me getting a new job at Zellers in planning, a nice step up, especially since I was told previously I couldn’t make it to that level, and I finished the year moving to Home Outfitters as a planner. Lots of things happened in between such as finding out the stores were sold to Target so I probably wouldn’t have a job past 2013, this 2 weeks after my promotion. Lots of other non job related stuff happened as well throughout the year. I finished my CMA program with my group, it was an interesting and tough year for the last few projects. Didn’t seem to learn a lot from it, a lot of it made sense but it seemed obvious. I do hope that it helped me be more organized in my thinking and the way. I guess I will see.

I have gone to Detroit a few times, had a fun shopping experience there, buffalo too. I seem to like JC Penny a lot. I got a bunch more ties and started wearing them more often. I even learned how to tie a bow-tie with a lot of Kathy’s help.

At the moment nothing else really comes to mind so maybe I didn’t do too much. I did think about getting a RC plane but after seeing how likely I would just crash it into the ground and lose everything, how expensive they are, and how big they are it really didn’t seem worth it. It’s not something I could simply toss into the backseat of my car and go with.

I did have the most delicious poutine at Poutinis in Toronto, oh man. It was a pulled pork poutine and it even had bacon on the bottom, way better than Smoke’s poutine. The poutine at the Rockton Worlds Fair was horrible too. It didn’t even have cheese curds, just shredded cheese which disappeared into the gravy. The demo derby was fun with a lot of mayhem. The Harrow fair was fun too although it seems to have less every year. Someone did submit a peacock cross stitch, the same one Kathy has been working on for years now. She found a lot of mistakes in it, and than noticed that it still needed some work to match the pattern but she might have just stopped and was sick of doing it anymore.

Hmmmm I can’t think of anything else from 2011

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