I really suck

It’s been a while since I tried my hand at C25k. A few days it was raining, a few days it was snowing, a few days it was too late, a few days I just didn’t feel like it. On the bright side it doesn’t really feel like I have fluid in my lungs but I think I actually ran less than last time.

I am pretty sure for most of the run cycles I was able to do the whole 60 seconds but this time I was only able to do half of them, on top of that they were slower and with less intensity. And now my shoes are covered in mud. I am pretty sure I will have to repeat week one which feels like a defeat in itself. I am surprised that reading other people’s progressive is actually motivating me a little bit, only a little.

Now I feel a little liquididy in my lungs but that could be because of he incense Katty lit.

Rdio is out for Chromecast now, still can’t play songs from my computer/iTunes but at least I can play some music on my surround sound. It doesn’t seem to have all the bugs worked out of it as it intermittently stopped and started again, at least it plays better than Songza which really sucked and had less control over the music that can be played. Plex seems to be pretty good as a movie player. It still has some issues of its own. I was playing Canada’s Worst Handyman and for some reason it would just go to the next episode from the middle of the current one, it so far has only occured with that show, not sure if it is because of the way it was encoded or if it had an error.

I need to shave my moustache.


Oh yeah, WTH, I was in the washroom at work and some guy flushed the urinal 7 times, I am fairly sure that he didn’t fill it up 6 separate times

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